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Where Are Young Moms Shopping These Days?

Being a shopaholic is not new to many women, but what happens to those shopping during or post pregnancy?! The trick here is to find a balance between your ‘baby shopping’ and everything else that makes you a hot mama. There are a lot of online shopping sites and the mall, of course. So, let’s go through where you’re going to find the best for you (the fashion conscious woman), you (the mommy) and your baby.

Considering the convenience that comes with online shopping, especially with the hectic duties that come with motherhood, we’re going to help you with information on where to shop.

1. Zivame

This brand isn’t just about their fancy lingerie, and you may know this if you’re a young mom or mom-to-be. Find simple and fuss-free maternity and nursing clothes, mostly darling dresses in colours that will reflect your glow. Mommies can also find the perfect, most suitable bra for themselves.

Don’t even start to think that they’d be boring because, even if they are pretty basic, they’re extremely important to invest in a nursing and maternity bra of good quality. It’s just one of the obvious things you do to try keeping your breasts in the best shape despite the changes that pregnancy tends to bring with it.


This brand knows what the new mother needs. It’s not always about the convenience of the dress in terms of what it allows you to do as a mother. Truth is, no matter what, you want to look good too. This won’t be hard for you when you shop for your maternity clothes on

The clothes flow in a manner that ever-so-sweetly covers up your bump and the colours are the sweetest. What’s more, you ask! There’s even a ‘Kids’ section for your little ones to shop from.

3. FirstCry

A popular brand for mums and their babies, FirstCry has something for both. There’s probably nothing on your shopping list that won’t be available here. Buy your clothes on the basis of colour and be sure to check out their bath and skin care line for your little ones.

4. Hopscotch

It’s not the same as the game you played as a kid, but it definitely is one of the best places to get your baby their bag of goodies. If you’re a mum who is into fashion at all, then we know you’re going to be playing dress up as much as you can through your baby. Hopscotch is going to be your one-stop-shop in this case.

5. Nykaa

If you’ve already been doing a ton of your shopping on Nykaa before pregnancy, then you can continue to show your dedication to the brand even after you baby has been born. Both you and your child can now go online and look for your favourite products. Seems like the woes of shopping without the company of your child are going to go away now.

6. Myntra

You may think Myntra’s an odd one out on this list, but they do have a decent kids collection, especially the clothes under the brand Mother care.

The advantage of buying from these websites is that they have a customer rating system which allows the moms who have purchased these products to leave their reviews. Another advantage is that they generally list the features and specifics of the products that are up for sale which may include instruction on how to use it and what not to do with it. Websites such as Amazon and Flipkart have a quality guarantee for the products that are being marketed by them.

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