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When Your Kid Prefers One Parent Over The Other

Whether your baby needs cereals on his plate or wants to buy his favourite bunny he always wants his Dad to do everything for him. If your child is obsessed to your spouse more than you’re then many times the feeling of rejection might hit your mind. Don’t let this hurt your emotions or affect your interactions with him. It’s not unusual for kids to reject one of the parents in the obsession of the other one at some point in time. If you’re a parent with a toddler attached to your spouse much more than you ’re then here are the tips to foster your kid’s relationship equally with you and improve his overall development. 

Manage your time effectively

If your child is more attached to his mom and doesn’t seem to be happy in your presence then he’s probably going through the phase of separation anxiety with you. It’s especially important in such situations that the other parent maintains a presence in his child’s lives by being there with him in his good and bad times. However busy you are don’t forget to spend a bit of time daily with him so that he feels attached and secure to both the parents.

Age appropriate independence

Your child might make a beeline for the other parent in case he overloads him with his love and lets him decide what he wants for him. Whether it’s his food choices or balancing his play time and study time don’t roam like a police behind him for every other thing that you want him to do. Try to force him only in extreme situations where your presence becomes inevitable. The more friendly you’ll be with your kids more comfortable he’ll feel in your presence. Allow your kid to be infatuated with you by sharing a pleasant and loving relationship with him.

Share light moments

Sometimes your child needs cuddles, hugs and lots of pampering. When your child knows that you’re more fun for dance parties and crafts he’ll definitely feel more attached to you than your spouse. Give your kid lots of cuddles and hugs whenever you meet him to stimulate the natural bond of attachment that will last lifelong between both of you. You can even plan a game or crack some jokes that can make your kid laugh the whole day.

Sulking isn’t allowed

If you’re the chosen one because you stay at home whole day with your kid then your spouse shouldn’t scold the toddler for this. It’s just a way for the babies to show their attachment and choices and it doesn’t mean that your baby doesn’t love you. Don’t feel irritated if your baby cries inconsolably outside the door when mommy is not there in the house. Instead, give your kid a tight hug and cuddle with him until he forgets about his mom's absence.

It’s natural for kids to have one of the parents as their favourite but this doesn’t mean he won’t feel drawn to you. Learn the way to soothe him by following these tips and turn the tables around by seeking his attention equally.

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