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When Will You Have To Say "No" To Sex During Pregnancy?

It is all fun and games till you get pregnant because that’s precisely the time you begin to understand and realize your responsibilities. This is the part where the couple is no longer just a couple, they are about to become parents and it is one of the most important milestones to reach as a human being.   

Upon conceiving, you can still have sex and enjoy it. You can have an active sex life till your water breaks because your baby is inside a safe layer of amniotic fluid, which is well-cushioned. The mucus layer surrounding the cervix protects your baby against any infection. So, you have nothing to worry about. 

Now you might have heard of few women having a miscarriage. But fret not, it has nothing to do with you having sex. However, if your doctor has asked you not to have sex, then you need to avoid it for a while, so you don’t risk your baby’s life because of your uncontrollable desires. It may become an issue of concern, as you might be under a lot of pressure and frustration. 

Here’s when you need you avoid having sex during pregnancy.

1. Placenta Previa

Your baby is covered in an amniotic sack that is further protected by a layer of the placenta. Sometimes, your placenta gets placed in an awkward manner. It could start developing in a position lower than its actual position. In this case, it is safer for you and your baby if you do not have sex.

It can be checked only during the 16th-20th week of your pregnancy and can be painful for the mother and put the baby’s life at potential risk. 

2. Premature Labor

It refers to your baby being born a little before it’s actual due date. If you have been experiencing regular contractions, which cause your cervix to force open even before reaching the 37th week of pregnancy, you are likely to undergo pre-term labour. For pregnant women with high risk of preterm labour, doctors usually advise them to avoid sex, as orgasms induce contractions.

3. Vaginal Bleeding

If you experience sudden vaginal bleeding, you need to stop having sex immediately. It might be because of internal bleeding due to deep penetration. It is not a very good idea to continue having sex if you suddenly have bleeding problems.

There is also an abnormal discharge that comes out of the vaginal cavity around this time. So, if you notice any abnormal substances coming out of your body, you need to see a doctor immediately and say goodbye to sex at least till your baby is born.

4.Ruptured Membrane

In simple words, when your water breaks, your baby is about to be born. When you understand that your baby is about to be born, your cervix is dilated, so you can push your baby out. Therefore, you need to avoid having sex around the period of your due date.

5.Cervical Insufficiency

This can mean that your cervix is incompetent, and is not very habitable for the baby. It could also mean that your cervix is dilating too soon.Therefore, your baby might be born earlier than his/her time of arrival. This can also be termed as premature delivery.

Here. your baby can be born prematurely or you could end up having a miscarriage.

Therefore, it is important to have sex cautiously during pregnancy.

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