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Many parents are worried about taking their newborn baby outside the house. In fact, many times the mom and the baby are kept inside the house for more than a month or even longer, sometimes. However, there is no such reason to not take a healthy baby outside. The idea of baby staying inside for a month after the birth is false. As long as the baby is healthy, some fresh air and a change of pace can be good for the baby and the mother, as well. 

The cause of concern is the exposure of the baby to germs and pathogens may cause the baby to get sick. The main carrier of such germs are the other people who come in contact with the baby at the crowded places. Stay away from the people who are sick and make sure anyone who wants to touch or hold the baby is hygienic and washes their hands.

As the baby gets older, he or she will become more interested in everything that is outside. The views, the sounds; the birds and the animals will grasp their attention. Try to take your baby out when they feel content; like after changing their diaper or feeding can be a good time for a walk outside. Your baby being in a happy and good mood may fall asleep for a nap during the walk.

If you are going to take your baby outside for much longer, and the time span crosses their feeding time or nap time, you must make sure that you are prepared. Pack extra diapers and an extra pair of clothing. Also, do not forget to pack feeding supplies.

However, you must really check the weather before taking your baby outside. This is because their immune system is weak and they cannot handle extreme weathers. You must refrain from taking your baby on a walk outside if it is either too cold or too hot. Dress your baby appropriately before stepping out.

 Do not overdress or underdress the baby. The idea is to put the same layers of clothing on the baby as you yourself are wearing. Always carry a blanket handy with you. Make sure you keep the baby out of direct sunlight as the baby’s skin is delicate and burns easily. An early damage to the skin increases the risk of skin cancer. Protect your baby from sunlight with sunscreen, shade and a light clothing layer. If it is cool outside, make sure you have well covered the baby’s head, hands, and feet. And lastly, keep your baby away from anyone who is clearly sick. 

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