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When To Feed Ice Cream To Your Baby?

Ice cream is everybody’s go-to dessert, and soon it’ll be time to introduce it to your little one. Most parents wait till their baby is one year of age or older to get their baby to try it. 

It’s best if you start by making the ice cream at home. Most commercial ice creams sold in the market are full of fat and cream and needless to say, this is extremely unhealthy for your baby. When you make it at home, you can try your best to minimize these ingredients even at the cost of taste, because it would be quite hard for your baby to figure out the difference. Using homemade oils can be a good way to protect their delicate digestive system. 

Commercial ice cream also may use ingredients like nuts to make the ice cream, which your child might be allergic to. It’s best not to feed them to your child at such an early age. The milk used to make ice cream may also use certain bacteria and preservatives which may not be ideal baby food.

Other things you need to beware of while feeding your baby ice cream is to avoid buying ice cream from local street vendors. The ice and mineral water used in the making and storage of the ice cream may not be from a clean source, the food colouring used could be the cause of some sensitive reactions in your baby, and many other side effects.

Thus, it is always safer to make the ice cream at home for the first few times. However, make sure it is given in moderation, as too much whole milk in a child’s system could give them stomach problems and you’d have to deal with a crying baby all night.


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