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When To Begin Using Baby Wipes On Your New Born

A house becomes a home with the presence of a baby. Your home resonates with those cute sounds of giggles and laughter. Gone are the days of silence amidst the sound of a ticking clock as your happy days are finally here.

Babies are tiny humans who need to be looked after a lot as they are new to the world. Everything from head to the toes requires a mother’s vigilance as they are sensitive and fragile little beings. Just the way your skin is sensitive to heat and other external agents, your new born’s skin is 80 times more sensitive to the external environment. This is exactly where wet wipes come to your rescue.

Unlike the regular cotton blobs and cotton cloths, water-based wipes are softer and contain essentials nourishing agents that prevent your baby’s skin from getting excessively dry.

Since their basic content is water, they are the best for your baby’s soft and delicate body. They are free of alcohol and parabens which are harmful to the baby’s body as they can cause rashes and allergic reactions.

Why Should You Go For Water based Wipes instead of Ordinary baby Wipes?

As a mother, you’d obviously want the best for your baby and what’s better than making his/her life comfortable and rash free! Water-based wipes are the next best thing for your baby and here’s why:

-Water as a main ingredient or act as a base



-Parabens free

-Suitable from birth

-Help avoid nappy rashes

-Pleasant or mild fragrance that a sense of freshness and cleanliness

-Enriched with Jojoba oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

-pH balanced

-Safe and secure.

When Can I Begin Using Water based Wipes On My Baby?

Parents generally have doubts about when should they use baby wipes on their newborn. In actual, water-based wipes are so soft and safe that they are specially designed for newborns babies delicate skin. Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are 98% water based wipes which comes with the presence of extracts of natural moisturizer i.e. Aloe Vera and also has a mild fragrance. These all qualities enhance its quality to cater to the baby’s hygiene needs.

It can easily help you clean your baby in the places where the skin folds and the other sensitive intimate areas too.

How Often Can I Use These Wipes?

A recent survey concluded that babies who are cleaned with water-based wipes are least prone to nappy rashes. Since these baby wipes are free of alcohol and paraben, it will not trigger an allergic reaction so your baby will be comfortable and happy throughout. If you want to play it safe, you could give it a month’s time before using it.

You can use water-based wipes on your baby whenever it is required. Like the time when your baby spits up milk while you’re breastfeeding. Your baby’s mouth and those little pink lips are delicate and they should be wiped with a soft moist cloth. Stick to using water-based wipes as they cleanse the skin and leave it moisturized and soft.

Always remember to be gentle while cleaning your baby’s private parts. The skin down there is extremely dainty. So, water-based wipes become convenient to use as they are soft and can be disposed of easily. Always choose a brand that has mild fragrance or can be unscented wipes so that it doesn’t cause irritation on your baby’s skin.

If your baby’s bum turns red after using the wipes, it is probably because of an allergic reaction. Water-based wipes from Mother Sparsh are crafted especially for newborns and nature’s extract ensures an all-round protection against dryness and rashes.

These water-based wipes are every mother’s trusted wipes for her baby. It is hypoallergenic by nature, so you can say goodbye to those nasty rashes and you can also enjoy because you’ll only see your baby smile and giggle.

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