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When Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi Had The Perfect Wedding

Weddings are the most important events in the lives of two families. There is love, trust, relations, promises and celebrations.

Why is it families and not just two individuals? This is because weddings tie two groups of people together. Two cultures, identities and traditions now go hand-in-hand.

Weddings are also a time of several emotions. There is the stress of getting everything too right or too wrong. There is stress of looking perfect or wearing just the best outfit. There is stress of saying the right things or stress of saying the wrong things as well. Also, there is a uncontrollable fear of leaving your loved ones that brings tears.

Yet, mostly, there is laughter, excitement and joy that weddings bring with them. There is the thrilling emotion of happiness and path breaking dance numbers. You scream your hearts out for songs and cheers.

You feel the joy of sharing food and gifts. You feel the nostalgia of the days that have gone by, but also curiosity of the future that is coming. You feel the overwhelming significance of the mantras and sath phere. In the end, you feel the unstoppable love for your families and partner.

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Celebs Tying The Knot

While celebrities seem to be in a fairy world, weddings are too a special event for them as it is for you. Today, the power of information and media has given us a chance to glance through their important moments like birthday celebrations, ups and downs of their relationships, births of little ones and - of course - weddings!

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi’s Big Day

In an article in the Economic Times, there is a short but very sweet journal of how the couple tied the knot finally. While it is expected of a celeb couple to make weddings extremely public like Sonam and Anand did - Dhupia and Bedi unanimously decided to keep the wedding ceremony small and solemn. This was also because the two artists were pretty busy in their professional careers. Thus, having something intimate yet significant was the best way to plan their big day. 

Even though it was a private occasion, the celebrations of the couple’s wedding was seen actively on social media. Many celebs warmly congratulate the couple on the new beginning of their life. The two couples paired their big day with matching shades of pink in their outfits. Neha Dhupia wore a gorgeous designer piece by Anita Dongre.

Walking in tradition with both their families, the couple decided to solemnise their tie at the holy gurudwara in New Delhi. A grand Sikh ceremony made the wedding significant and enjoyable. Through it all, the couples are seen overjoyed and delighted to have started a new path in their life. Many a times there are several nervous giggles or smiles - but mostly the two seemed to be content at the wedding!

Have you or someone you know who has tied the knot recently? Why don’t we share and comment our feeling?! 

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