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When Is It Time To Start Potty Training?

Toilet training is one of the pivotal milestones of a child’s development. In addition to putting an end to the parent’s struggle with a diaper and the baby, toilet training also ensures that the baby is well on course with his/her growth. When it comes to potty training, not all kids will react identically. While for some kids it may take only a few days to master the art, others may take months. As a parent, one has better chances of success if the stepping stones of the training are known. Here is a micro-snippet of the same: 

Is your child ready for the training? In many instances, parents start potty training their babies under 18 months, while others may take as long as 3 years to get started. It is, thus essential to realize that a child will only be ready once they have a fully developed rectum. In addition to this, factors such as the ability of the baby to crawl, stand, sit, walk or follow your instructions, to name a few, goes a long way to determine if your child is really up for the training. As a parent, one needs to devote time to potty training. It cannot be a stop-gap affair by any chance.

Set a routine

A fixed routine is vital in potty training as it will help the baby to get used to the new task that he/she is expected to pick up. For a starter, you can buy a portable potty chair and make the baby sit in it fully clothed during the expected time of his/her bowel movement. Practicing this on a daily basis will make the baby realize that he/she need to use a potty chair during their potty time. Now, the next target should be to make them seat bare-bottomed. However, if sitting in the potty-chair with or without clothes is upsetting the baby, it makes sense not to push it. Ideally, your aim should be to help them get accustomed to using a potty chair. Once they master this art, everything will fall into place sooner or later.

Get the right equipment in place

It may not be a wise idea to kickstart the potty training using a regular adult toilet. Before you start the training, make sure you have the right-sized potty chair for your kid. An appropriate potty chair will negate the fear of the baby to fall into the toilet. Few babies might get scared with the flush of the toilet as well. For parents, the task of buying the right toilet equipment should continue until the baby gets comfortable in the new set-up.

Accept the delay and stick to the task

Toilet training can be difficult for parents and babies alike. It is normal for parents to lose heart and feel dejected if there is a delay in picking up the instruction by the baby or if the baby meets with an accident during the training. Every parents and baby go through this phase. The idea is to stick to the process and not give up. Eventually, the baby will learn the process.

Demonstrate the process

Babies tend to learn faster by watching more. It, therefore, makes sense to imitate the process near them. Once they pick up the initial idea, an explanation of the whole process that involves cleaning the rectum (using water or toilet paper), flushing the toilet, pulling up the underwear, to name a few, can be explained to them. As per a survey, girls tend to pick up toilet training faster as compared to boys.

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