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When Do You Need To Opt For A Cesarean Delivery?

Every expecting mother gets to choose her method of delivery to bring the baby into the world. Vaginal birth is the old school way but a cesarean is the pinnacle of the medical advances which has eased the process of giving birth.

Every mom-to-be gets a million pieces of advice when it comes to choosing the birthing method. But it is only towards the end of the pregnancy, then you’ll be able to confirm the kind of method you should opt for. It all depends on the baby’s position in the womb.

Here are a few common medical reasons for undergoing a cesarean:

1. The Umbilical Cord Gets Stuck

Many times the baby ends up winding the umbilical cord around its neck inside the womb. It majorly happens because of the baby’s movements in its prenatal stage. If the mother still opts for a vaginal delivery, it will put the baby’s health at risk.The force will not allow the baby to breathe which will lead to choking.

2. Cervical Water Has Decreased

Cervical water is less and the second reason for the baby is experience dryness in the womb. During pregnancy, the first seven months are all about the development of the baby and increased levels of water production. On the contrary, after the seventh month, the baby develops rapidly in the uterus and the water decreases in that number.

3.Abnormal Position In The Womb

To have a normal delivery, the baby is supposed to be positioned in a head-first way near the birth canal. They have a really weird position like butt first or foot first, which is bad both for delivery and mom’s health.

Sometimes, they don’t achieve the normal position and that makes the delivery more complex. That’s when doctors recommend mothers to undergo a cesarean as it is safe for the baby and mommy.

4.Birth Defects

Doctors choose to deliver babies through this method if they detect defects like excessive fluid in the brain and heart disease.

5.Carrying Multiple Babies

Carrying multiple babies can become dangerous for the mother’s health during delivery. It causes a prolonged labour and can the pain experienced during the birthing process may become unbearable for the mother. So, doctors recommend the c-sections as it reduces the stress and pain. It is the safest delivery method for giving birth to multiple babies at once.

Be sure to let the doctor know that your deliveries really need to be Caesarean. Ask them questions related to your delivery and the child’s health. Beware of doctors who manipulate you into going under knives just to increase delivery bills!

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