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When Do Babies Start Smiling And How To Make Them Smile

Throughout the course of their pregnancy, all expecting parents eagerly wait for the day they will finally get to meet their baby. Once the baby is born, they fall in love with every little bit of their baby (or babies) right from that tiny baby hair on the top of their little head right down to their itty bitty toes. Now, they have other things to look forward to - baby milestones.

Parents long to see their baby finally lift their head up on their own, learn to crawl, explore the world around them and finally learn to walk and talk like us, adult humans. But one thing every parent longs for more than anything is to see their baby smile for the first time. A smile involves using 6 muscles in the face and not all babies will start doing this right away.

When a baby does smile, it is just the purest, most beautiful thing you will ever see. Parents will want to make their baby smile more often because it feels like a real accomplishment to see it after all the struggles we undergo for those tiny tots. 

When Do Babies Start Smiling

You may have seen your baby smile very early on but this is not a real sign that they are happy. It is more like a sign that they just either just farted or are simply enjoying their sleep. It is purely because of reflex actions similar to twitching of the arms and legs while sleeping.

Babies usually don’t smile until they are 2-3 months old. In fact, babies may start smiling anywhere between the 6th week to the 12th week. You may not even realise why they actually started smiling. Perhaps they heard a funny sound or saw you making a funny face while yawning away.

How To Make Your Baby Smile

Babies are a lot simpler than you think they are. Of course, they don’t know how to do a lot of things yet and they definitely need to be handled delicately but it doesn’t take a lot to keep your baby happy and entertained.

There is no rocket science behind making your baby smile and giggle with glee. To make them happy, just try and remember what used to make you laugh when you were a kid - perhaps your parents can help jog your memory. Here is a list of simple ideas that will help make them smile.

Belly Raspberry

There is no baby that can resist laughing at a baby raspberry. The instructions for this are simple. Put your face down on to your baby’s tummy and gently rub your head going “brrrrr…” (farting noise/raspberry) with your mouth.

A Little Tickle

This is another sure shot way to make your little one giggle. For this all you will need is a feather touch or an actual (super clean and hygienic) feather. Gently run against your baby’s side and watch as they squirm and giggle. Don’t overdo this though - leave a gap of at least 15 seconds between each tickle session so they can recover and catch their breath from all that giggling.

Funny Faces

These work because, well, they are called funny faces for a reason. Just make sure that your expressions don’t look scary or disturbing since this could backfire and end up making your little one start crying.


An all-time classic and a hit with the babies, peek-a-boo is soon going to be your go-to strategy to cheer your baby up. All you need to do is hide your face with your hands and then show your face, saying “Peek-A-Boo!”. This will surely delight your baby and keep them engaged.

After your baby turns 3 months, you will find that they start smiling when they see a familiar face like mommy’s or daddy’ face. This is what they call a social smile. Yes, this means your baby is already on his/her way to being a social butterfly! 


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