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How to Make Feeding Your Toddler That Much Easier

How to get your toddler to eat

Toddlers are adorable and at the same time they are difficult people. Nothing is easy when it comes to toddlers. Eating is a problem, getting them to sleep is a mammoth task and keeping them occupied at all times is a dream.

Everything else can be dealt with save one thing i.e. their eating habits. Toddlers are extremely fussy eaters. As a parent, you can expect at least one to two hours of yours gone every meal time trying to get your toddler to eat. And this is a problem with every toddler. Even an ‘angel’ of a toddler can make meal time hell. 

This is where mothers excel in their role as mothers at times of adversity which they battle with ingenuity. If your toddler is being a total nuisance during meal time, try some of these ‘ingenious strategies’ (as one would like to call them) which makes feeding them a little simpler:

1. A smoothie diet

A smoothie diiet

Sometimes children just don’t like munching on food. No matter what food you present them with, they will decline it. Even if it’s their favourite, food for that matter, the frowns continue to stay. In order to bypass all this fuss, try incorporating nutrient rich smoothies into their diet. Getting kids to have liquids is much easier than getting them to eat solid food. You also end up saving some time for yourself.

2. Bite-sized finger food

Bite-sized finger food

Try breaking down the food into small bite-sized pieces. By doing so, your toddler can actually pick up the food by himself/herself and eat on their own with minimum assistance. Thus, your child gets more involved in the eating process and makes a smaller fuss to eat.

3. Understand their eating pattern

Understand their eating pattern

Toddlers don’t necessarily follow the ‘breakfast-lunch-dinner’ pattern. Yes, they still require three meals a day along with some other snacks. Yet, it works differently with them. They eat when they are hungry. Try noticing at what time they get hungry and devise a time-table personalised to their eating-pattern. Try to ensure that they don’t skip meals because getting the timing right is the key.

4. New food with old food

Happy toddler: new with old food

If you are trying to get them to eat something new for the first time, be prepared to face a deadly tantrum. The solution here is to give them some of their favourite food that they know and like, along with the new food that you want them to try.

5. Eat along with them

Eat along with them

Make it a practice that meal time is family time. When toddlers see others eating, they understand that they too are supposed to eat and are less likely to make a fuss. Follow this till the toddler grows up because, in most likelihood. This because once they grow up, they themselves will put an end to this rule.


These are some tips and tricks that should help you get through the day. Remember, food is very important for your little one during their early years. Therefore, it’s a big responsibility on the parents’ part to ensure that they cater to their nutritional requirements.  

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