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When and Why Do Breasts Hurt During Pregnancy?

breast pain during pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant for the first time she undergoes many changes in the body and also undergo an emotional turmoil. Breast pains are experienced by all the pregnant ladies particularly if it is the first baby. Breasts undergo multiple changes and thus they not only grow in size but also becomes very sensitive due to many hormonal changes.

Table of Contents

1. What Causes Breast Pain During Pregnancy

2. When Does Breast Pain Occur?

3. Noticeable Changes in the Breast

4. How to Relieve Breast Pain During Pregnancy

The woman body prepares itself for pregnancy by secreting larger amounts of hormones like oestrogen and progesterone which causes the breasts to become tender. The body prepare itself for nursing the younger one, hence it causes the breast to become sensitive on a simple touch, which is mostly expressed as pain.

What Causes Breast Pain During Pregnancy

breast pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the happiest news that a woman receives. With joy, comes a little struggle as the woman’s body prepare to nourish the developing baby through excessive hormone secretion and blood flow which also causes the breast pain during pregnancy. A pregnant lady may notice some tender changes in the breast as they get swollen, increase in the size and the breast tissue undergo changes to produce lactation milk for nourishing the new born.

Tender breasts are the foremost initial sign of pregnancy. Soreness or tenderness of breast is mostly accompanied with some tickling sensation on the areolas. Since the breasts are preparing itself to product milk, the fat tissue layer inside the breast becomes thick and the blood flow to this region is increased so that the milk glands are enhanced and activated. It is because of these changes within the breast tissue that the breast hurt during pregnancy.

When Do Breasts Hurt The Most?

breast pain during pregnancy

Every woman’s body is different, and thus the changes occurring inside their body may also differ resulting in different problems or pains. While a few women may never complain about their breast pains during pregnancy, a few may notice pain in right breast dominantly.

Although, the breast continues to develop and prepare itself throughout the pregnancy, the most noticeable changes with some amount of discomfort is notice during the initial weeks of pregnancy, i.e. 4-6 weeks of pregnancy and it remains till the first trimester. Slowly, the discomfort and the pain fades away but the growth of the breast doesn’t stop as it prepares the first meal for the new born child.

Breast pain during pregnancy predominates while walking or sleeping, hence it is important that a pregnant lady must have a comfortable bra for herself so that the breast can breathe and be relaxed. As the cup size of the bra is increased, one must ensure not to stock too many bras as the size keep changing throughout the pregnancy.

Noticeable Changes During Pregnancy

breast pain during pregnancy

Now that it is understood clearly the breast undergo size transformation, breast pains, development of milk glands, it is important to understand the noticeable physical changes of breast during pregnancy so that it doesn’t fear us.

1. Pigment changes

The pigment of the areola changes and thus it becomes darker and larger in size which is due to the formation of milk ducts. One can also observe the breast veins under the skin.

2. Little bumps on the areola

Areola is the darker region of the breast which has a nipple. The tiny bumps on them enlarges during the initial weeks of pregnancy. Not to worry, these bumps are the oil secreting glands named Montgomery’s tubules.

3. Breast leaks during last weeks of pregnancy

During the third trimester, the breast may leak some amount of yellowish thick substance. Although, it is not observed by a few women, this changes in the breast due to the production of the colostrum which is found in milk that supposedly provides immunity to the new born.

breast pain during pregnancy

4. Stretch marks

As the breasts expand during pregnancy and there is increase in the size of the breast, stretch marks may or may not develop on the breast. A woman can use olive oil or over the counter creams which can help them fade.

5. Lumps in the breast

A common complain about the breast changes during pregnancy is the lump formation in the breast. These lumps are galactoceles which are cysts filled with milk and are totally harmless. Do not fear, as breast cancer cannot occur during pregnancy. If you are uncomfortable with the lumps in the breast, then have a healthy discussion with your doctor.

These are the common changes in the breast which a woman notice. A woman may notice all of these changes or she may notice few changes or none at all. There is nothing to worry about it, as it is the way the body is preparing naturally for some changes and those who notice no changes or feel no pain, shouldn’t worry either as the breast isn’t going much change during pregnancy.

How To Relieve Yourself From Breast Pain During Pregnancy

breast pain during pregnancy

Breast pain during pregnancy are usually uncomfortable, hence following are the remedies which a pregnant lady can try to relief yourself from such discomfort and pains:

1. Getting a comfortable bra with no under wires as the breast is expanding, it is necessary they are comfortable all the time

2. Inform your partner about the breast tenderness during early pregnancy so that he can be cautious while making love.

breast pain during pregnancy

3. Increasing the intake of water so that the tenderness of the breast can be reduces by flushing out the excessive fluids retained in the body.

4. Add flaxseeds to your diet, it can reduce breast pain during pregnancy.

5. There are some medications too which can help in alleviating the breast hurt during pregnancy.

The body undergo major changes during pregnancy, hence it is important not to panic or become stressed during pregnancy as stress can aggravate the problem. Any physical exertion or exercise which can increase the breast pain during pregnancy must also be avoided. The challenges of these physical changes will reap positive benefits when you see the prepared milk oozing out to nurse the baby.

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