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When And How Often Should The Baby Move in The Womb?

You will have a lot of doubts when it comes to feeling your baby’s first movements in your womb. Afterall, you have been constantly dreaming of her little steps making your life happier and fruitful. If you have done an ultrasound scan, you may have felt slight movements inside your womb. Let's understand a little more about how the moves in your womb

The baby's first move in the womb will be sometime in the 16th to 22nd week. Although movement of the embryo in the womb starts only in the 7th-8th week, it does not seem to be so, due to its small size. Experienced mothers get a quick glimpse of the first movement of their baby.

They understand it differently from the stomach's gas, burp or other sounds. The women who will be pregnant for the first time will feel the baby’s behaviour when they sit or lie down. By the way, it has also been seen that the lean mothers often feel the movement of the baby a little earlier than the others.

How does the initial movement of the baby feel?

Women have described the first movement of their baby like the popcorn flutter, the small fish swim or the butterfly flapping. Initially, women will feel it is due to hunger or stomach ache but gradually they begin to understand the difference between stomach pain, gastric infections and the movement of their baby.

How often should a child move in the womb?

Initially, the child's movement will be reduced, but after a long interval, you’ll feel it again. Its like you’ll feel it for one day and then the next day you’ll feel nothing. This is because the baby's kick does not have enough strength. By the second trimester, your baby will begin moving more and that’s when you’ll be able to feel exactly how your baby moves.

Will the baby kick down until the end of pregnancy?

No, that’s not even possible! The larger your baby gets, the more space she will need in the womb. Since the baby gets bigger in size, she will get less space to kick in the womb. Due to this, she may be a little quiet but this does not mean that she has developed motor problems. On birth, all her organs will work normally in her body.

Do you have to keep track of the number of kick or movement?

When babies kick, mommies usually rush to the doctor to find out if the baby is keeping fine. Doctors will be able to interpret your baby’s kicks and analyze if the kicks are normal or a sign of a developing abnormality. Slow kicks of the baby may be a sign of a problem. So you should get an ultrasound as soon as possible. By the third trimester, the doctor will advise you to look pay close attention to your baby’s movements inside the womb.

For example, the physician will ask you when your baby is the most active? On this basis, they can ask you to count how many times the baby kicks. For this, you should go away from the noise and observe the speed of your baby’s kicks.

Do not worry, if you don’t experience this because every woman has a different experience of pregnancy. Similarly, every baby develops and grows differently. That's why everyone's story is special. Do not compare yourself to anyone else! 

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