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Wheat Allergy: Watch Out For These Signs!

Are you worrying about whether you need to skip the gluten content in your child's food to get rid of wheat allergy?  If you’re having any sort of allergy because of the protein content in your food then probably you need to shift to a gluten-free diet. This might seem to be a difficult task at first but you would be surprised to know that there are many gluten-free food items occur naturally and can compensate your likeness towards products made of cereals. After all, health is the top priority and if something doesn’t suit your body it’s better to get rid of it.

Wheat allergy is also quite common if you’re already carrying it in your genes. It naturally comes from parents to the kids which leads to the adverse reaction after the intake of any such food items.

Wheat allergy and wheat intolerance:

Now there is a contrariety between wheat intolerance and cereal intolerance, i.e. gluten sensitivity. Some people might get confused between the two but wheat intolerance is quite common. On the other hand, cereal allergy has sudden and acute effects on the body. Cereal responsiveness is a part of wheat allergy as gluten is a component of wheat.

Let us have a look on a few intimations of wheat in order to have a better clarification of the same. Some of these might be for short term but it has a few acute indications too.

Indications of wheat allergy:

- Asthma

- Diarrhoea

- Headaches or a migraine

- Dermatitis and eczema

- Causes irritated skin, skin eruptions or patches or hives on the skin

- Might lead to intestinal cramping and swelling

- Tongue might start to itch and watery and irritated eyes are common.

- Stomach upset or discomfort

- Swelling is a very common symptom. It can happen to your face, throat or mouth.

- In acute cases, it also causes vomiting or nausea.

- There might be discomfort or trouble in breathing properly.

Some of these indications might be normal or for short terms like a headache or skin rashes but it has a few acute and life-threatening effects as well if it reaches a higher level. One of such symptoms could be Anaphylaxis. Let us see what Anaphylaxis is.


Though wheat allergy is not considered a much acute issue in a few cases where the body reaches a complete dangerous position, it might lead to anaphylactic shocks. It can prove to be very deadly and even life taking at times.

The basic intimations for anaphylaxis include acute throat swelling and problems in breathing. It causes fast heartbeats and tightness, swelling and even pain in the chest. These symptoms cannot be ignored otherwise this allergy could even take your life. Wheat allergy intimations are quick and anaphylaxis symptoms can seem to be too deadly when they occur all of a sudden, which they usually do.

Some people tend to take this as any regular food allergy but its indications can sometimes get more serious than thought. There are a few basic sources in our everyday lives which can create wheat hypersensitivity. They need to be eliminated from the diet if there are signs for such susceptibility. Some foodstuff can also trigger the symptoms of wheat allergy. Let us have a look at such food constituents or items.

Wheat allergy-triggering foodstuff:

These food items would include cakes and muffins, bread and pasta, semolina, couscous, soy sauce, ice creams and other dairy products, natural flavours and so on. So in case, one has seen a few symptoms of this allergy, they need to watch out for these food items. All those food items which include any amount of cereal or wheat should be avoided in this case. Some people get restricted for such foodstuff for the rest of their lives if actions are not taken timely. This disease can become incurable and can bother you for the rest of your life.

Children have expected to go through wheat allergies more as compared to adults. Wheat allergy is also known to be Type 1 hypersensitivity as it is a sort of volatile reaction of the body and immunity as well. This allergy boosts the inflammatory responses of our body and shows very quick effects.


This hypersensitivity is not common and that is why sometimes people tend to ignore it. The truth is that it has very painful and noticeable effects on our body which leads to the occasional discomfort. The only major cure to this allergy is the prevention of wheat or cereal made products and taking the prescribed medications. During such allergic reactions, our bodies oppose components like wheat, rye or gluten. It needs to be taken care at the correct time otherwise these smaller and insignificant intimations can soon get converted into life-threatening experiences. 

So you need to watch out for the mentioned indications of wheat allergy in order to track it early and main your health effectively.

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