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Baby care: What's Normal Baby Poop

As simple as it may sound, baby poop is deceiving. It is so deceiving that you may be an experienced parent and yet you may not have seen the various permutations and combinations of baby poop. The poop naturally depends on what the baby is being fed. It has a number of variations and here are a few to help you understand what your baby’s poop signifies:


1. If your baby’s poop is mustard yellow in colour and looks like seeds then that’s probably cause he/she is being breast fed.

Mustard now means something else, right?


2. Formula fed babies stool can be yellow, brown or green and tend to have a stronger odour. It should be soft, not hard nor runny. If runny there might be a case of diarrhea.

Trying to develop a formula for poop colour.


3. If the stool is hard, pebble like and red, it means blood. If it’s black it means dried blood and if it is white it could be a sign of a liver problem.

Think twice the next time before you put your hand into a bag that looks like pebbles.


4. Any other colour of stool is perfectly fine and normal as long as it’s soft.

Wohooo, it’s normal!


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