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What Your Husband Says VS What He Really Means

We often read articles about how women never say what they really mean. But what about men? Well, it is time to set the record straight - men don’t say what they really mean either! Forget that -they don’t even remember half the things they say (or what we say).

It is often difficult to even comprehend what they mean to say with all those cryptic thoughts that run in their minds while talking to us. So here is a breakdown of what men say to us and what they actually mean - some of these may melt your heart!

Translation #1


What he says: “I’m not angry”

What he really means: Well, he may be a little angry right now, but he will be alright in a few minutes. He just doesn’t want you to be upset about it anymore.

Translation #2

What he says: “You’re overreacting”

What he really means: Here, he knows he messed up but he just wants to believe it’s your fault. He might be the one who is overreacting or being dramatic. So when he says this, take a moment to assess the situation before saying anything else.

Translation #3


What he says: “It’s a boy’s night”

What he really means: He is going to be hanging out with his male friends tonight, talking about sports/other men-stuff and he doesn’t want you to feel bored and left out at the meeting. He wants to go by himself.

Translation #4

What he says: “You are not fat”

What he really means: Get ready to blush because this line just means that he thinks you are stunning and flawless. He doesn’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be proud of your body because he loves you just the way you are.

Translation #5


What he says: “That’s not what I meant”

What he really means: Men say this during an argument when they realise they said something that you just misinterpreted which is now causing them to panic! They genuinely did not mean it the way you think it does and they are now trying to think of how they can phrase it out better. When he says this, give him a minute to collect his words and frame his sentence properly.

Translation #6

What he says: “You look beautiful without makeup”

What he really means: Yes, he really does think you look gorgeous. He also thinks you should hurry up - you are getting late for that movie/party!

Did you find this article relatable? Was it spot on? Show it to your husband and find out what he thinks of it!

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