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What Your Baby's Zodiac Says About Them

With the baby born hale and hearty, the first thing that comes into our minds is their zodiac sign and what the future holds for them. For all those anxious mothers, here is a quick analysis of the various zodiac signs. See what the zodiac sign reveals about your baby.  

Aquarius: 20th January- 18th February

Top attributes: A baby from this house is imaginative, frank and has an affectionate personality. They tend to have a knack for learning new stuff.

Be cautious about: absent-mindedness, detachment, lack of predictability and tendency to go off-track from a designated task

Celeb Kid: Son of Penelope Cruz- Leo.

Pisces: 19th February- 20th March

Top attributes: Pisces babies are born creative. They are passionate about their goals, sympathetic in nature and ardent idealists.

Be cautious about: Pisces babies tend to be a little laid back in nature. They are too sensitive and can portray escapism behaviour at times.

Celeb Kid: Jennifer Lopez’s son Max

Aries: 21st March- 19th April

Top attributes: Aries babies tend to be amazing leaders. They are ambitious, confident and have the knack of inspiring others.

Be cautious about: Babies of this zodiac sign are often stubborn, confrontational and impulsive. Being too emotional they do not think through before committing to a task.

Celeb Kid: Son of Rachel Zoe-Skyler

Taurus: 20th April- 20th May

Top attributes: Organized, patient, calm and subtle- this is how most Taurus babies are. They are generous and respectful of others.

Be cautious about: Taurus babies can be demanding and has a materialistic mind. They could be stubborn and self-indulgent.

Celeb Kid: Mariah Carey's twins Moroccan and Monroe.

Gemini: 21st May- 21st June

Top attributes: Babies of this zodiac sign are a treat. They are very friendly and can become the eye-candy of any party with ease. They love to travel and like sports.

Be cautious about: It can be a real pain to make a Gemini baby focused on a job for a long time. They are impatient and can get agitated with small things.

Celeb Kid: Pink's daughter Willow

Cancer: 22nd June- 22nd July

Top attributes: A cancer baby can shy, sentimental and extremely versatile in nature. They really love to be at home compared to baby gatherings such as parties and parks.

Be cautious about: Cancer babies tend to have a hard time accepting rejection. They are extremely moody and have temperamental issues.

Celeb Kid: Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper

Leo: 23rd July- 22nd August

Top attributes: Babies taking birth during this time-period tend to be extremely confident and fearless. They are very charming and full of energy.

Be cautious about: They can sometimes become over-confident leading them to be too reckless and prideful.

Celeb Kid: Jessica Alba's kid, Haven.

Virgo: 23rd August- 22nd September

Top attributes: Babies from this house are self-assured, cautious and very reliable. They happen to be quick learners and do not look for praise to be motivated.

Be cautious about: Virgo babies tend to overthink even the smallest of matters. They tend to be judgemental and take a long time to trust people.

Celeb Kid: Mark Wahlberg’s kid Brendan

Libra: 23rd September- 22nd October

Top attributes: Babies born during this period tend to be terrific listeners. They have a natural affinity towards arts. As an individual, they tend to be very compassionate.

Be cautious about: Babies from this sign tend to be indecisive, laid back and a tad manipulative. They always are on the lookout for self-assurance from others.

Celeb Kid: Patrick Harris’ kid Harper

Scorpio: 23rd October- 21st November

Top attributes: Babies of this sign are extremely hard working. They are funny in nature, have a curious nature, driven in their cause and energetic in things they find worthwhile to spend time on.

Be cautious about: It takes a long time for a person of this sign to confide their trust in someone else.

Celeb Kid: Adam Sandler's kid Sunny

Sagittarius: 22nd November- 21st December

Top attributes: Babies born during this period tend to have a deep understanding of human behaviour. They love to help others and dare deeply opinionated.

Be cautious about: People often tend to underestimate the value of money. They are inconsistent and careless.

Celeb Kid: Kourtney Kardashian's kid Mason

Capricorn: 22nd December- 19th January

Top attributes: Capricorns tend to be very studious. They are very serious about their goals, serious nature and practical about life.

Be cautious about: Babies born during this period find it difficult to get really good friends.

Celeb Kid: Owen Wilson's son Robert.

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