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There are a lot of things you will miss about your little ones, once they grow up. Your tiny bundle of happiness will, in no time, grow up and all you would want is for them to go back to being a little helpless baby. While we do want our children to go up and progress in life, we would give anything to relive the moments of their childhood.

When you are busy changing diapers and running around the house to meet the demands of your baby, you quite forget to take notice of the months that pass by. You will miss everything from their little feet and little arms to how easy it was to carry them for hours on end without your arms screaming in pain.

Here are a few major things you will miss about your baby:

1. Spontaneity

Babies are absolutely spontaneous. They are so pure and carefree that they do not care about what the world might have to say about their actions. Babies are capable of never-ending, unbridled enthusiasm. They let out screams of joy and happiness whenever they feel like it. They do not stop to think whether the place is appropriate or what the people around them might think of their over-the-roof enthusiasm.

2. Easy travel

Ever been late for a flight? Was it not easier to just scoop your baby in your arms and make a run for the departure gate? Also, travel was cheaper when your baby was travelling on your lap. Once they grow up, however, you cannot pick them up and run with them as easily as you had done before, nor can you not book a ticket for them. Also, you never have to deal with too many requests for toys or chocolates. 

3. Major milestones

Your baby’s first walk, first word, first laugh, first solid meal are things you will cherish forever. Even the smallest of milestones, such as – rolling over, first picnic and first day at playschool are going to be a few things you will remember forever. You will especially miss these things when your baby grows up and does all these things on his/her own for which they previously required help.

4. Chubbiness and Muddled speech

Don’t we all imitate our children at some point just to show off how cute they are? You will definitely miss the time when your baby was little enough to fit completely in your lap. Cute little baby hands, feet and chubby cheeks will slowly fade away and you will be left with mere memories. You will also miss the time when your baby was just learning how to speak and muddled up most of their words.

5. Being their whole world

While parents never cease to be the most important part of their children’s lives; their little world expands. Your children start going to school, meet new friends, cousins and a lot many other people. Once before, their life used to revolve solely around their parents but later that little universe expands to accommodate more people and more places.


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