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What You Should Not Say To A Pregnant Woman

Pregnant women go through a lot, what with all the crazy physical and hormonal changes. On top of that, imagine having to deal with stupid questions and advises. Yes, it’s as frustrating as it gets. So, before you voice your opinions think about what you’re going to say. Here are a few things no pregnant woman likes to hear:

Can I touch your belly?

Just because a woman becomes pregnant, she isn’t all of a sudden okay with strangers touching her belly. It’s still her body and she’s going to be awkward about it. Unless you’re a close friend or a relative, never ever ask this question (no matter how tempting) and make things weird for everyone.

Are you sure it’s not twins?

This question is a strict ‘NO-NO’ because it implies that the woman’s belly looks big enough to be carrying twins/triplets. Most pregnant women are already self-conscious because of the added pounds, they don’t need others pointing out to them that they don’t look the same as before.

Was it planned?

It’s mind-boggling how people think it is okay to ask this question. It’s not a hard-written rule that women are happy with only planned pregnancies. How does it matter in the first place if the pregnancy is planned or not? If the person has decided to share the news with you that means they’re happy with the turn of events so better not go around suggesting otherwise.

You can’t eat that!

Most pregnant women are aware of things to avoid during pregnancy. So, when you take that condescending tone of ‘I don’t think that’s safe to be eaten during pregnancy’, all she can think of is how to make you stop talking. She knows what she’s doing but if you really need to tell her something out of concern, say it in a more understanding way. 

I’m sure it’s a boy/girl

No. Just no. The size of her bump doesn’t say anything about the gender of her child. Raising her hopes that it’s going to a boy child or girl child is just plain right wrong. What you should say instead is ‘I’m sure you’ll child is healthy’ 

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