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What You Should Know About Newborns

There are a lot of things that new parents do not know in spite of reading all the magazines that they probably could on newborns and pregnancy. Parents are so excited about the new arrival that they quite forget about a few things about newborns. Doctors may or may not mention these things to you but it is imperative that you know. 

Your brand new bundle of happiness will bring you happiness, joy and a million moments filled with pride. But they will also bring in some surprises; have a look at a few of these:

1. Newborns are funny looking.

You may think that your dreams about your baby growing into a handsome man or a beautiful woman have shattered when you first see them. Relax. All babies look a little funny whence they are born. The babies that you see in magazines aren’t newborns, they had some time to settle down and undergo a few changes. The birth process puts on a lot of pressure on the baby which can squish their features temporarily.

2. They take up too much time.

Parents may say that they have read this and heard this before countless times, but no amount of hearing and reading equals to experiencing. It is said that parents lose about 6 months worth of sleep during the first two years after their baby is born. When it comes to time, you are probably going to have sleepless nights, only to find out that you have to head out to office without any spare time left even for a quick nap.

3. Dry skin.

Don’t expect your little one to have smooth baby soft skin after they are born. Since they are continuously in contact with the amniotic fluid, when in the womb, the outer atmosphere may seem too dry for them. This may take some time to adjust to, but you can help your baby’s skin by applying moisturizers or by giving them an oil massage. Some babies may even experience pink lumps on their skin or facial acne. Do not worry; it is a matter of time before these things go away.

4. Babies can handle the outer environment.

Most parents are led into believing that it is not a good idea to take babies out since the outer environment has too much dust and pollution to which their baby’s health may fall prey. It is absolutely normal to take your baby out for a little while, provided that you take a few precautions. These precautions are just basic things such as keeping your little one out of the harsh sun, maintaining proper hygiene, washing up after coming back home, etc.

5. No set sleeping patterns.

You may think that it will be easy to manage your little one just because babies sleep a lot. But make a note that although babies do sleep a lot, they sleep for small stretches of time and do not have a set pattern at least for a few months in the beginning. You may notice, however, that with time, your baby will develop a more uniform eating and sleeping pattern. 

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