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What You Should Do When Your Child Is A Fussy Eater

Are you a mother to a preschooler? Does your child often refuse to eat the healthy food you try to make for them? It’s normal for you to worry about this because as a mother, you are trying to ensure the best for your child’s health and growth. While you’re trying to give your little one the best foods, your fussy eater may not even see it that way. So here’s what you can try to do if you struggle with your child’s fussy eating.

Give Your Child “Options”

Learning to eat, your little one is curious about the food they eat and want to explore food in their own ways. They want to feel independent rather than forced to eat these foods. So trick your little one into “choosing” healthy foods instead of forcing them to eat. Here are some ways you can do that:

• Keep healthy options available when it comes to snack-time. Your child will have to choose from these when they are hungry, and if all the options are healthy, you can’t go wrong.

• Get your child involved in cooking or preparing their meals. They will enjoy mixing and matching the healthy ingredients themselves and are more likely to eat better.

Understand Your Fussy Eater’s Demands

As adults, we sometimes don’t realise that we have become accustomed to the foods we eat, whereas, for a child, these tastes are very new. This could be why they reject bitter or spicy tastes and prefer sweeter foods which taste more pleasant. Tweak your recipes while cooking to keep your child’s palate in mind.

• Reduce the spice in your recipes, and gradually bring it back to your usual recipe as your child learns to eat the food.

• Offer some fun toppings and dips to add flavour and interest them in trying new meals.

• Try satisfying their sweet tooth by topping their cereal with fruits, dry fruits and nuts.

• Try a bowl of Nestle Ceregrow, a nutrient-dense multigrain cereal made with milk and fruits, to nourish your child while keeping the fuss away.

Not only can this fortified cereal keep the fuss under control, but also fulfil your child’s nutrient needs. Just a bowl can give your child 30% of their daily Iron needs and 44% of the Calcium and Vitamin needs. It’s the perfect way to add to your child’s nutrition and make it complete.

Families That Eat Together, Eat Better

Do you usually end up making something entirely different for your fussy eater? It may help you in the short term, but it only makes your child pickier. Instead, make the same meal for the whole family. Eat together - studies have shown that this makes children more likely to eat fruits and vegetables. Kids love acting like their parents, and eating together will encourage your child to eat more like you, so set a good example.

Does Your Fussy Eater Need Something More?

Despite all your efforts, you may wonder if your little one is getting all the proteins, vitamins and minerals they need. If you too are worried that your fussy eater’s eating habits are making it hard to ensure complete nutrition, add in nutrient-dense foods like fortified cereals. They are healthy, nutritious food for your little one as they add more value to your child’s meals. This is why just a bowl of Nestle Ceregrow daily can help you ensure that there is no gap between what your child needs, and what you give them. And all this, without your child’s fuss, because Ceregrow is made with the tasty goodness of cereals, milk and fruits!

After all, it’s important not just to give your fussy eater nutritious foods, but to help them stay positive towards healthy eating. Tasty and healthy options help to give you complete assurance of your little one’s health and nutrition.

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