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What You Ought To Do With The Kids Everyday

Ever wondered what activities to engage your kids in 365 days of the year? If they go to school, then that’s almost half your time taken care of. You still have the rest half to figure out what to do. While doing homework, playing, talking to friends is going to keep your kids engaged, there is a lot more you ought to do with them every day.

While planning activities or things you want your kids to do on a regular basis, don’t keep your hopes and expectations too high. They are little and will not always enjoy things that you have in mind for them. Just remember the ground rule, whatever you do should be fun and help you and your children to learn something important.

Have a look at a few of these things:

1. Mundane mornings

Instead of nagging or screaming at your kids to get ready in the morning for school, have a contest. See who can get ready and dressed in record time. The one, who gets ready first, is the winner. Make sure that you have a reward on some days so as not to make it boring. It could something small such as stickers, breakfast in a favourite plate, choice of movie, etc.

2. Music therapy

Music always helps, whether it is a busy Monday morning or a Friday evening. YouTube some good music playlists and keep them on your phone or on a pen drive. Pick out songs that everyone will enjoy and not something which only you specifically like. Music will not only help you and your kids get started for the day but it will also help you feel rejuvenated throughout the day.

3. Sunday picnics

Set up a picnic on weekends indoors or outdoors. It does not have to be anything extremely elaborate, just something to get you and the kids in the setting. A little change of pace from everyday life will help everyone bond and de-stress.

4. Verbal games

You don’t need to invent super-fun, detailed games every single day to entertain your kids. There are toys and television shows for that. What you can do is, play games with them that will make them sharp and attentive. Simple games such as Name-Place-Animal-Thing or Word chains are great tools to sharpen your children’s memory.

5. A gratitude box

It is very important to teach your kids about being thankful for small little things. Set up a gratitude box in your kitchen or living room and ask your kids to drop a note in it every single day. They can write about anything that they are thankful for – family, friends, good grades, good weather, etc. This will help your kids to learn about the small pleasures of everyday life.

6. School Dates

These days, most children have school buses picking them up from school and dropping them back home. Make it a priority to go pick up your kids from school at least once every week. Pick them up from school and take them to the park, buy them ice-cream, ask them about their day, their favourite things. Your kids will look forward to this day every single week.

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