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What Type Of A Mom Will You Be According To Your Zodiac Sign

Have you been wondering what type of a mother you will be to your future child? Every would-be mother imagines how she will raise her kid but as parenting is full of surprises, the planning and plotting doesn’t quite act out accordingly. Your parenting style depends upon your nature and your nature is influenced by your zodiac sign.

Here’s how every zodiac sign acts when they experience the duties and responsibilities that come with the bliss of motherhood:


Element: Fire

Ruled By: Mars

Aries women are known for their bold, independent and courageous nature and their tough-love. They become very competitive at times as they love to be the best at everything that they do. An Aries mom is the boss mom who knows how to set boundaries and their kids will grow up learning to respect the decisions of their mother. She encourages her kids to participate in extracurricular activities, sports etc. and perform well.


Element: Earth

Ruled By: Venus

Known for their predictability and simple yet stable nature, Taurus women make very loving mothers. They love to stay organized and know how to make their children abide by the daily routines. They are also known as the most materialistic sign, so it is not uncommon for a Taurus mom to shower their kids with a lot of ‘extra’ things.


Element: Air

Ruled By: Mercury

The ever-curious, youthful Geminis tend to be quite chatty and gossipy at times. She’ll become her kid’s BFF (Best Friends Forever). She will inspire her kids to learn and be creative. But the tendency to contradict herself, lack of boundaries and consistency may turn out to be challenging for a Gemini mom.


Element: Water

Ruled By: Moon

With all the sensitiveness, care, maternal instincts and sentimentality, Cancer is the most motherly sign of all. Cancerians are most family-oriented and natural nurturers, who love caring for others and being a loving mother. But at times Cancer moms can become very over-protective of their kids and as they are loaded with emotions, can experience crazy mood-swings.


Element: Fire

Ruled By: Sun

Known for their playfulness and leadership skills, Leos love to be the center of everyone’s attention. Leo moms take great pride in the capabilities and success of their kids and encourage them to be the best at everything (‘just like them’). But the egoistic side of this sign makes Leo moms competitive with their own kids at times, especially when the kids disobey them. Leo moms are known to be dramatic and their kids may find it hard to keep up with their high standards.


Element: Earth

Ruled By: Mercury

Known for their intelligence, creativity, and practicality, Virgo moms make sure their kids learn values, organizational skills, and other healthy habits. A Virgo mom teaches her kids to be independent and make themselves capable of achieving great success. Virgos tend to be control-freaks and their over-critical nature can be harsh on the kids as well as themselves at times.


Element: Air

Ruled By: Venus

Known for their patience and fairness, Libra moms know how to balance her duties. As the sign of relationships, Libras thrive among people and perfectly organizes the lives around them. They’ll teach their kids good manners and to be compassionate with others. Libras are great negotiators who believe in making the kids understand their duties or mistakes rather than showing tough-love.


Element: Water

Ruled By: Mars (Ancient), Pluto (Modern)

The Scorpio moms know exactly what’s best for their kids and will do anything in their power to give them the best of everything. Due to the powerful, intense aura, their kids will respect them and get inspired to be as independent as they are. Scorpio moms teach their kids to trust their instincts rather than people and help build their kids’ future under their protective shield.


Element: Fire

Ruled By: Jupiter

Ruled by Jupiter, this sign is known for their wisdom, free-spirited and adventurous nature. Forward-thinking and action-oriented Sagittarius moms, influence their kids to expand their horizons and seek new limits. But their unpredictability and crudeness may lead to lack of structure for their kids.


Element: Earth

Ruled By: Saturn

As the father of all the signs, Capricorns act as an interesting mix of both the mother and the father figure. They make the strict disciplinarian moms who teach their kids the importance of being organized, following rules and regulations as well as time management. They may not be the most nurturing ones, but they sure know how to raise kids with strong principles and moral values.


Element: Air

Ruled By: Uranus

Known as the brainiacs of the zodiac, Aquarius makes intellectual and witty moms who inspire and encourage their kids to pursue higher education and achieve great success. They tend to maintain a friendly relation with their kids because of which sometimes it becomes harder for them to set boundaries.


Element: Water

Ruled By: Neptune

Pisces are known for being intuitive, gentle, emotional and least practical. Compassionate and creative Pisces moms have the soul of an artist, who inspire their kids to develop their own artistic talents. Due to their freewheeling spirit, Pisces moms may find it hard to set boundaries and be strict when they need to be.

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