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What To Pack When Travelling With Children

Every summer, we try to plan that perfect summer vacation with the family. The main reason why we do this is so we can bond with our families. It also helps us relax and take our minds off everything. But when we have kids, your vacation may not be as relaxing as you would like - but it would definitely be memorable.

Now, if you are looking to plan a hassle-free vacation with absolutely no worries in the world, here is the perfect plan:

1. Prepare Your Child

It is always best to keep your child mentally prepared for the trip. Let them know where you would be going, how long you would be staying there and what kind of activities they can look forward to. You could also give them some background about the place - the history, culture and traditions, food, people, etc. This way they might actually be excited for the trip.

2. Carry Hats And Sunglasses

When you are going on a vacation with toddlers, you have to be prepared. Make sure to carry all the summer necessities when you go on your trip. A nice comfortable summer hat will help in keeping the head cool. Since your child is going to be running around, it is better to buy one that you can tie or button up. Make sure that the hat also covers the back of the neck. Of course, sunglasses will help protect your little one’s eyes.

3. Pack Light, Cotton Clothes

It is always better to pack light when going on a vacation. Pack only super light, cotton clothes for the trip. This will also help save up on space and weight. You can use the extra space to carry sunscreen, snacks, glasses and hats.

4. Stock Up On Snacks

The kids are bound to get cranky during the trip. So, make sure to keep some snacks handy at all times. How much to carry? As much as you can, of course. They are going to ask for snacks often so be prepared. Manage the snack stock efficiently.

5. Ziplock Bags And Dryer Sheets

Your child is going to hop into a pool whenever they get the chance to do so. You may not find the time to dry out all their clothes. So keep a ziplock bag handy to store all the wet clothes. Also, carry dryer sheets to pack the soiled clothes.

6. Carry Books For The Trip

Take a good number of children’s books along while travelling. This will help keep your child occupied on things other than a screen or a snack. A picture book can go a long way for those boring long travels. You can also carry one for yourself for those rare occasions when your kids decide to take a nap and all you want to do is relax in the hotel room.

7. Carry A First Aid Kit

You never know what could happen with your child and when. Your child may be all fine one minute and the next, he could fall down while playing or running in excitement. Another possibility is that they could get a stomach problem or a fever. So, always carry a basic first aid kit. Carry any allergy medicine that your child might need. Also, ask your doctor to recommend any mild medicines to deal with travel sickness and indigestion - in case you would need them.

8. Pack Their Favourite Toys

Every child has that toy that they just cannot do without. Make sure to pack at least one of their favourite toys. Choose the ones that are easy to pack. Chances are your child won’t even need the toy once they start enjoying the vacation. But they will miss the toy if they know it hasn’t been packed.

With these tips, you are sure to have a perfect, hassle-free vacation. Make sure to book your tickets in advance to avoid peak pricing. Happy vacationing! Do you have any travel tips to share? Share them in the comments below!

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