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What To Expect During Your SECOND Pregnancy

Each pregnancy is different. During First pregnancy, you would be treated like the delicate doll who is skilfully providing the essential environment for the growing fetus. You would be encouraged to eat right and pamper yourself as much as possible. But during the second pregnancy, even though you are the same delicate doll, you feel like an experienced warrior. Being pregnant second time is an entirely different experience than being with first. From showing up, gaining weight, fatigue to less labor time and pushing - everything differs. To help you know what it is to be pregnant again, we have made a list of what you can expect during second pregnancy.

Showing up sooner:

First pregnancy made a lot of changes to your body. One of those changes is loosening your ligaments and muscles. After first pregnancy, your uterus doesn’t shrink back to its original size. This gives a head-start to your second pregnancy and your belly shows up a bit sooner than it did during your first pregnancy.

More aches and Pains:

Having to look after a kid and being pregnant is difficult. Along with running around, lifting, bending, playing and taking care of your kid, the effectiveness of hormone relaxin and relaxation of joints very quickly causes increased aches and pains during second and successive pregnancies. The fetus may also lie in lower abdomen due to prior stretching of the uterus. This leads to backaches, loose hips or round ligament pains. 

More fatigue:

Taking care of your first child while pregnant makes you tired for sure. You will have less time to nap or no time to sit and relax. But, that is not the only reason for the fatigue you experience during second pregnancy. Second-time pregnants often forget to take the prescribed supplements. This leads to lower energy level and higher fatigue.

Feeling movements earlier:

It is not that your baby is growing any faster. It is just that you are an experienced mom now and know the feels of baby movements. You can recognize the flutters as the movements of your baby which you could have ignored as the gas during your first pregnancy.

More Braxton Hicks Contraction:

Braxton Hicks Contraction might have gone unnoticed during your first pregnancy or you might have thought it is just the movement of your baby. But during second or any successive pregnancies, you are more likely to recognize it. It is only because you are well aware of the sensation of contractions.

Shorter labor:

Since the uterus and cervix have been through this and experienced it before, labor will progress sooner and generally, will be shorter for second-time moms. Pushing is also of short time. One of the studies shows that on an average, the first-time moms spend around nine hours in active labor and one hour in pushing whereas the second-time moms spend six hours in active labor on an average and half an hour in pushing.

Intense afterbirth pains:

Afterbirth pains are the cramps caused by the contractions of the uterus while shrinking back to its pre-pregnancy size and location. For first-time moms, it is usually mild and short-lived because they have better uterine muscle tone which could tend to contraction of muscles and stay contracted. For second-time moms, the uterine muscles contract and relaxes intermittently due to lack of muscle toning. This causes uncomfortable contractions and worsens the afterbirth pains.

The contractions might be prominent while breastfeeding, as nursing releases the oxytocin hormone which could trigger contractions. Also, the contractions worsen with subsequent pregnancies as the body takes longer to regain its toning and just losing the weight won’t do the trick (unlike first pregnancy). You will have to do extra exercises to regain the muscle tone.

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