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What To Do When Your Baby Cries Too Much

baby crying excessively

As a mother, all you want is your child to be healthy, happy and well from inside out. We always have queries as to why do babies cry! The reason behind a baby crying is unexplained because it is the phase when they can hardly express themselves or talk about their issues. If you are worried about excessive crying in babies, then here are some of the genuine things you can do.

If your baby cries a lot, then we would love to let you know more about it. Here, we have completely researched article about why do babies cry. Hope it helps and you are relieved after reading this!

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7 Things To Keep In Mind When You See Excessive Crying In Babies

10 Possible Reasons Babies Cry And How To Soothe A Crying Baby

7 Things To Keep In Mind When You See Excessive Crying In Babies

Babies cry a lot due to a number of reasons and it is important to study them from all aspects. As a parent, you need to expect the unexpected when you see your baby crying. Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you see the excessive crying in babies.

baby crying excessively

1. Babies cry a lot during the first two months. The amount of crying in babies may vary during different times of the day and you must notice that.

2. As your kids grow, you will see an increase in their fussy behaviour and baby crying will increase to a certain peak. But the good part is, the crying will reduce after it has reached its peak. 

3. Keep in mind that there is nothing you can do for excessive crying in babies especially when they cry at uncertain times.

4. You must remember that when a baby cries a lot, sometimes it is unsoothable and you have to deal with it accordingly. 

5. It must be panicking to see your baby crying and it seems like he/she is in pain. But, you will be relieved to know that it is not always the case. Excessive crying in babies is not a sign of them being in pain or suffering from something.

6. Just in case you want to know how long will your babies cry, it is 35 minutes. It is the maximum duration you child will cry, irrespective of any reason. 

7. You will be surprised to know that crying is actually a way of communication in babies. They are trying to tell you something and sometimes they are just bored. Funny isn’t it? 

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10 Possible Reasons Babies Cry And How To Soothe A Crying Baby 

baby crying excessively

Now if you are wondering the reasons baby cry, then here are the answers to your questions. Here we have some normal as well as pretty much serious reasons behind why do babies cry! We hope this will bring you some sigh of relief.

1. Hunger

The first and foremost thing that comes to your mind when you see your baby crying is whether he/she needs food. You can see if your child is lip smacking or putting hands in mouth. If you notice this, then hunger would be a reason behind excessive crying in babies. You can try feeding them and see if they are relieved after it. Sometimes, the babies are hungry for a particular thing such as water or just milk, or simply honey. Try doing some experiments and you will know the best thing to do soon.

2. Colic

This is one of the commonest reasons behind baby crying during uncertain hours. Maybe their stomach hurts or they must be simply developing gas in their digestive system. You must believe that excessive crying in babies is majorly due to digestive issues if they cry right after being fed. It means their stomach is causing the issue and they need something like grip water to soothe it.

3. Burp Alert

Strange, but sometimes your baby is feeling uneasy because of the burp. When you keep them laid for a long time after feeding, the little gas developed inside their gut causes a feeling of uneasiness. Most of the time, when you baby’s liver is developing, he/she will have difficult time releasing the burp, and sometimes it will cause inflammation. You can pick them up and bring about some movement in their body so they can release their burp easily. Making them lie with stomach below is the best way to help them burp.

baby crying excessively

4. Diaper Check 

Since baby crying is the only means of communication, a baby crying may be an indication that it is time for you to change his/her diapers. Obviously, they will feel uneasy when it’s full and it is justified for them to cry. Check their diapers and change it immediately if it wet.

5. Sleepyhead

There are days when your baby feels extra tired despite having a good sleep. Before crying, babies will act really upset or irritated and no matter how much of creativity you use, it just won’t please them. Hence, excessive crying in babies might be a signal for you to put them to sleep. You can just wrap them in a comfortable cloth with soft fabric, give them some lukewarm milk, and put them to sleep.

6. Urge To Hug

Isn’t it one of the cutest gesture a child can show? Babies cry a lot when they are in need of a warm hug from their parents or to be more specific, their mothers. Sometimes, they just want you to hold them cozily in your arms and make them feel comfortable. So, the first thing you do to avoid your baby crying is take them in your arms immediately. Sometimes, you will literally see them calming down.

7. Temperature Differences

You can see baby crying when they are not in the surrounding with appropriate temperature. Sometimes you will see your baby sweating profusely, while sometimes you will feel them shivering. All these can cause excessive crying in babies. So, if you are aware of your area’s temperature fluctuation, please make sure you keep them at place which has an optimum temperature. It will not only stop the baby crying but will also protect them from health issues like fever, cold, pneumonia, etc.

baby crying excessively

8. In Need Of Peace

Do you ever notice that when you want your babies to look extremely calm and peaceful, mostly in gatherings, they cry the most? Yeah? Do not get upset because babies feel confused in crowded place. Their brain needs time to process the stimulation from environment. This is the reason why you see them taking time to befriend a person. Hence, if you take your baby away from crowd for some time and play with them a little, you will see them smiling again. Do not worry about excessive crying in baby during parties or birthdays or any other family get together.

9. Needs Attention

Just like they don’t like over-stimulation, you will see that baby cries a lot when you leave them alone for a long time. Sometimes, the reasons babies cry is because you have not been around with them for a while. In order to tackle that, you can simply give them some time out of your busy schedule of work or house chores. Play with them or simply feed them with water or honey and you will see a bright and cheerful kid of yours again.

10. Itchy

Not very noticeable, but the itching is something that troubles your kid the most. It will either be due to the fabric or simply because of an insect. When you notice that your baby cries a lot, then you can just check around if he/she has anything that troubles him. You can look for rashes, apply baby powder, or simply see if there is anything itchy in their clothes.

baby crying excessively

If there is still no signs of improvement, despite trying all the possible soothing activities, you can take them to the doctor. Most probably, the colic could be an issue and you might have to get some tonics if your baby cries a lot. But, at the initial stage, you must remember that infants cry a lot during their initial months of development and you will have to deal it with utmost care, patience, and calmness.

Now, that you are well aware of the facts and possibilities of why your baby cries a lot, you can start working on it. However, there is always a scope for new possibility and you can’t deny that if it’s the matter of your baby. But, at the same time, we would suggest you to not panic and look for the above-mentioned reasons and remedies.

All the mothers, who have been dealing with excessive crying in babies are welcome to drop down their suggestions and cures. It would help our worried newbie mothers to relax a bit and take right measures! Also, in case of any queries, feel free to pin a question and our experts will be more than happy to respond and help you with the same.

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