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What to Do If your Kid Does Not Like Drinking Water

Ways to make your kid like drinking water

Water is an elixir of life and crucial for your child’s health. The more water you drink, the more hydrated and healthy you will be. It regulates body temperature, prevents constipation and also other health problems. As a bonus, all these health benefits are without adding sugar or extra calories to your body. Yet, some kids just don’t love the taste. If you are also a parent facing this hurdle, here are a few tricks to get your child drink up more water. 

1. Catch them when they are thirsty

Catch them when they are thirsty

Your toddler is very young to know the concept of thirst. Yet, with a practice of making them drink water when really thirsty could make them understand that water quenches thirst best. Also, try to often have a conversation about water and its importance in making them feel better when they are parched. 

2. Fun cups

Fun cups

As your child starts exploring this world, they would start having likes and dislikes. To make them drink more water, let your child choose the cup they like. This ensures that the drinking cup will be treated as a special cup. Also, your child will be tempted to drink more water from it. It may be a cup with a print of pretty princess or the superheroes your child adores. Keep it where your child could reach it and have it on hand whenever they are thirsty.

3. A silly straw maybe

A silly straw maybe?

Yes, we do use straws frequently more for juices or milkshakes but there is no reason why you can’t use them for water. It is pretty and brings an excitement to your child’s cup of water. Get some funky or stylish colourful straws. This will for sure make your child want to drink water more than you thought they could.

4. Make drinking the water a game

Make drinking the water a game

Contest with each other, challenge your children to drink water to a certain level of the cup or ask your child to defeat you in the drinking water game. Along with having fun in the game, your child gets hydrated and thereby healthy. Even if your child says they are not thirsty, give them a water bottle and ask them to drink five sips. Most of the times, your child ends up drinking way more than that. 

5. A slice of fruit in the water

A slice of fruit in the water

Most of the times, toddlers are picky and you never know what could excite your little munchkin. So, give this one a shot. It could turn out to be the greatest thing that ever happened in making your toddler to drink water. Make your own flavoured water with sliced fruit like a slice of lemon, cucumber or frozen raspberries. If your kid is averse to pulpy bits in the drink, simply strain the water after flavoring it.

6. Freeze some cool shapes

Freeze some cool shapes

In this summer, who doesn’t love to drink ice-cold water? Everyone does and so does your kid. Buy some cool shaped ice cube trays and every day offer your child water with different shaped ice. Your child will love you for that. There are tons of fun shapes - everything from moustaches and sparkly jewels to hello kitty.

7. Be a water role model

Be a water role model

Your toddler is learning fast and most of the things they learn is by observing what you do as well as how you do it. So, the best way to teach your child to drink plenty of water is being a role model whom your child could follow. Drink plenty of water and make sure they observe it. Make sure to express your liking for water as well in front of your child. “Yummy. Water is my favourite!”, “I drink water so that I will be healthy!”, “You know what I could really go for? A glass of water!”, “Tinkerbell LOVES water!” etc. - tempting your child to drink more sufficient water.  

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