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What To Do If Your Child Gets A Dog Bite

Parents are extremely protective of their children and try their best to make sure that their little ones do not get hurt. While this care goes a long way and helps most of the times, there are certain circumstances that parents cannot really control. Kids are difficult to keep track of all the time. They wander off and sometimes disobey their parents.

While it is important to teach your children the importance of good behavior and hygiene, these things do not always follow through. One of the many cases where parents seem incapable of reacting is when their children fall sick. Dog bites are also one of the many things that scares parents and deprives them of their ability to think of next steps.

Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when your child gets a dog bite:

1. First Aid

If you happen to be there when your child gets bitten by a dog, provide them with first aid immediately. Although some might argue that rushing to the doctor is more important, first aid can help a great deal until you can reach the doctor. Clean the site of the scratch or bite with a clean cloth, using an antiseptic to do so. Control and minimize the bleeding to make sure that your child does not lose consciousness due to excessive bleeding. After you have cleaned the wound, cover it up with a fresh bandage to prevent the wound from infesting and spreading. 

2. Call the doctor or go to the doctor

It would help to know which dog bit your child, but in case you do not know this, a rabies shot might be in order. Your doctor will check the injury, figure out how severe it is and prescribe treatment accordingly. Most doctors do not sew up dog bite wounds because it increases the chances of infection. However, in some cases it might be necessary to do so to prevent scarring.

3. Report the bite to a nearby animal control officer.

The dog may have rabies, so call an animal control officer who can get it cured.

Most people do not do this and it leads to many more dog bites, often by the same dog. There are reasons why dogs bite and it is better to treat a sick dog to prevent them from biting others as well. After or while you are having your child treated, find out about the authorities in charge and report to them about the dog bite so that the concerned dog can be rescued and treated or isolated for the necessary period of time.

4. Prevention is better than cure

Ideally, let dogs to themselves, respecting their space and avoiding dogs you are not familiar with.

This goes without saying but children sometimes provoke dogs and other stray animals. Train your children to not cause harm to street animals and leave them alone, as much as possible. Before petting a dog on the street or your neighbour’s dog, make sure that the dog is not reacting adversely. If so, tell your child to back off. When sleeping dogs are woken up from a snooze, they get provoked and may bite whoever is in their line of vision. Keep calm around dogs as they tend to get scared at the smallest of reactions such as yelling or jumping around. 

Dog bites can be painful and quite undesirable but remember that they are curable. Following a proper treatment and hygiene routine will help your child make a speedy recovery. Dog bites are quite rare and only happen once in a while, but they do happen and you should try to keep calm, instead of panicking, now that you have an idea of what to do.

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