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What To Do And What Not To Do After A Cesarean

It is true that most women these days are opting for a cesarean over the normal vaginal delivery method. So, if you thought that you were one of the very few women who had to undergo knives and scissors, trust us woman, you’re not the only one.

Let’s face it, we have all been told that cesarean is a less painful way of bringing a baby into the world. But what they don’t realize is the aftermath of childbirth. The real pain begins then and it is probably 10 times more painful than vaginal delivery.

Don’t worry mommy, we got you back and we’re going to help you through your painful days. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts :

What to do:
1. Stay in the hospital for 4 more days post birth

Although you’ve completed the complicated surgery, your body will take time to heal. The stitches will take time to recover and heal.

2.Keep some company with you

Surround yourself with positive people who heal you. You can have your mother or your husband or anybody who makes you feel happy! They will be able to look after you and support you the best.

3.Take plenty rest at home

Once you get home from the hospital, take ample rest at home. You need to avoid doing strenuous activities like stretching and walking. It will help you heal faster.

4. Eat nutritious food

You’ve undergone a surgery in the abdomen and it is possible for you to be hungrier than usual. However, you’re supposed to follow the follow the diet that has been recommended to you by your doctor.

5.Take help whenever you need

Since cesarean is a complicated surgery, it will take a lot of your strength while you’re trying to heal. It is completely alright for you to ask for some help from your friends and family members. A support from the family and friends will keep the postpartum blue at bay.

What not to do:
1.Avoid lifting anything

You need to give your body a break from doing anything that might add more pressure to the stitches.

2.No driving

Driving and riding vehicles should be the last thing on your mind when you’re recovering from a cesarean operation. It doesn't sound all that stressful but it is not safe for you to do it.

3.Don’t binge eat

The smell of food will drive you crazy but your stomach isn’t ready to digest all that fat present in your favourite pizza. Your digestive system is just about to begin functioning but first, it needs to recover.

4.Don’t shower

Yes, you read that right. You will experience vaginal bleeding while recovering from c-section. So, stock up on some sanitary napkins as you WILL need them a lot! So, try not to shower for a few days until your doctor gives you the green signal.

5. Don’t peel the stitch marks

 The doctors have sewn your incision and while healing it dries up. This dry skin becomes very itchy and you will end up hurting yourself if you try to peel the stitches. There are chances of you contracting an infection which might get transferred to your baby while breastfeeding. 


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