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What To Choose: Cold or Hot Water Bath?

We all have our own preferences about what temperature water we need to bathe in. Some of us are more used to bathing in cold water every day while others need the water to be piping hot in order to get that satisfactory feeling of being clean. There are also those people who like the water to be neither too hot nor too cold.

Whatever temperature water you prefer, prepare yourself to find out which is better. Both hot water and cold water baths have their own set of benefits but there is a difference as to what effects they have on the body.

Here is a list of benefits of both hot and cold water. You can take your pick based on what kind of experience you want.


To soothe aching muscles

Bathing in hot water can help soothe sore muscles after a workout. It will help improve the body’s flexibility and elasticity of muscles. It can also help heal overstretched muscles and joint pain. But do finish off with cold water since it will help reduce any inflammation of the muscles after a rigorous workout.

To feel more alert

For students or people who are required to be more alert, it is advised to bathe with cold water. It can be difficult to bathe in cold water during the winters but it is especially helpful during the colder weathers. The cold water causes you to breathe deeper, which will, in turn, keep you feeling warm in the long run. It also has an effect on how alert and focussed you are throughout the day.

To get a thorough and deep cleanse

Hot water helps get rid of all the germs present in your body. It goes deep into your skin as well, thus helping you to get a deep cleanse. Bathing in hot water helps improve your overall hygiene. It is a lot more welcoming to think about bathing in warm water, so you will be more likely to bathe if the water is hot.

To boost your immunity

As unbelievable as it sounds, studies have shown that people who bathe in cold water have a stronger immune system than those who take bath in hot water. So, to protect yourself against diseases, take a cold shower.

To fight insomnia

Ever feel like you can’t enough sleep at night? A hot water bath could be the solution. Take a nice relaxing bath in hot water and you will instantly feel more relaxed and ready to sleep. The warm water is known to induce sleep. As a bonus, you will be getting rid of all the germs and going to bed as a cleaner human.

To help you lose weight

Did you know that taking a bath can actually help you lose weight? No, not a hot water bath, but a cold water one. A cold shower is known to stimulate the fat in our body, thus helping us reduce a couple inches.

To get relief from cold and congestion

Been suffering from a cough, cold or congestion? Or a mix of all of them? Worry not! A good old hot water bath can help cure it. The steam from the water will help to decongest your lungs and clear up your respiratory airways.

To get radiant skin

You may already know this one - cold water is really good for the skin. Even if you do take a hot water bath, remember to finish up with a cold water rinse. This will seal up the pores meaning that your skin won’t break out as much. It even helps fight hair fall issues by strengthening the roots of your hair. So, a cold water bath will leave your skin and hair with a healthy radiant glow.

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