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What REALLY Happens To Your Stomach After Having A Cesarean?

Even if you know a lot about what happens to your stomach after a c-section, it doesn’t feel like it is enough. It is always good to know what happens to your body after giving birth to your baby. As a matter of fact, your body undergoes a lot of changes during your pregnancy itself. But are you prepared to deal with your postpartum body?

After 40 weeks of pregnancy, your stomach becomes the most important part of your body, it is an organ which expands, undergoes many changes and then comes back itself in its original form.

If you’re curious to find out more about what happens to your stomach after having a baby, your search ends here. Through this blog, you will be in a position to understand what exactly happens to your stomach after delivery.

The way it affects your body after having a child depends on only one thing and that is how you gave birth to a child- either your c-section or normal delivery.

If you had a Cesarean operation, the upper part of your stomach is cut to get the baby out. It is a surgical process in which the doctors give you an anaesthesia which gets you to pass out. Once the operation is over, they stitch the incision and the stitch is exactly what takes an eternity to heal.

Many women adapt to this method of delivery, but the rate of recovery differs from woman to woman.

If you have a C-section, then you have more pain than women under normal delivery. You will feel the pain for some days after the delivery, because of the incision made in your stomach. There are many other kinds of problems that may occur due to C-section because all your organs are connected to each other.

The tissues that are cut are tied together in such a way that you’ll feel as though your entire body is stuck together. Moreover, you’ll feel a major discomfort when your thighs stick in each other and because of that, you’ll be unable to walk properly for a few days.

Many veins and other tissues experience the effects of surgery and they may take up to several months to recover. The area around your stomach can take up to 6 months to recover, but not completely. If you have a C-section, then only one thing can make you feel at peace is - PATIENCE!

The tissues that have been cut, which are not part of your stomach, may also have an effect on them after the C-section. If your wounds are healing and they’re taking longer time than expected and if you’re facing difficulty in digesting food, then contact your doctor immediately.

Although you’ll never have your prepartum stomach, you’ll learn to embrace your mom body soon enough! 

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