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What Really Affects the Size of Your Baby Bump

What Really Affects the Size of Your Baby Bump

Here’s a reality check: the size of your baby bump does not define the health of your baby. There are innumerable other factors that play a part in this. Your baby bump’s size and shape can be a dead giveaway of the gender of your baby. The size could differ with each pregnancy of yours - the simple reason being that your muscles loosen out after your first pregnancy which changes the shape and size of the baby bump.

Here are a few facts about your baby bump:

1. You have your mother's genes

You have your mother's genes

Here is an odd fact about your baby bump: it can resemble the size and shape that your mother once had while carrying you. It isn’t always the case, but the family tree does affect some baby bump sizes. This is mostly to do with the similar body structure that a woman tends to share with her mother.

2. Oh, you might have twins!

Oh, you might have twins!

“The bigger the size of your bump, the more likely you are having twins”. No, this statement isn't true. The size of your bump almost never reveals anything about the health, weight or the number of babies you are carrying. Yet, there are exceptions to this. Twins take up the same amount of space, or less, while in your womb. They accommodate themselves in the space that your stomach muscles give them to expand. Your big bump could also be the reason for a larger amount of fluid surrounding your baby.

3. Small bumps

A small bump does not mean that you have an unhealthy baby. This is direct result of the position of your baby inside the womb. B-shaped baby bump, for example, is the result of your baby’s spine being parallel to yours i.e. most probably the baby has tiny feet. Your baby is healthy and it is just experimenting with different positions in the space you have given it.

4. Hanging low

Sometimes your baby bump can hang low, almost near you abdomen. This is because of the growing size of your baby, as you reach your final trimester. The size of your baby has grown resulting in the sagging of your baby bump. Your bump becomes more rounded and heavy showing that you are near your due date. It is now that the baby’s head has turned and is ready to come out.

Small bumps or Hanging low?

5. Toned before pregnancy, toned during pregnancy!

Skinny women or toned women tend to carry their babies higher and closer because their muscles aren't lax. This prevents their stomach muscles from sagging. They also tend to eat healthy food which gives their baby the sufficient amount of nutrients. Further, they tend to go without engaging in atrocious cravings which cuts down on them carrying extra weight.

Toned before and after pregnancy?

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