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What Motherhood Is All About: A Mom Story


What is motherhood all about? What is it like to be a mom? These questions sound simple, yet difficult to answer. Motherhood is more than giving birth. It is nourishing a life for 9 months in your womb and forever in your heart.

It is demonstrating the abundance of unconditional, endless loving and caring for a soul even before you get to meet each other. Motherhood is offering your blood and flesh to another human being wholeheartedly. It is putting that soul on top of your priority list. It is much more than what could be expressed in words. Motherhood is overwhelming, yet beautiful. It is not all about butterflies and rainbows. Motherhood could be a huge pain, but it is learning to be patient and demonstrating the strength of a bull to keep up with your kids.

Motherhood is being a robust soul and letting your body undergo various changes to bring a little being to this world. It is having stretch marks dominating your belly, nursing scratches and scrapes – but above all being proud of it as a peacock. It is the sense of loving another being more than you had imagined you could. It is letting your love grow continually. Motherhood is to love your child with your heart and soul, but still being stern and protective. It is being there for your child in every situation life throws at them.

Motherhood is an around-the-clock job. It is responding to mid-night wake up calls for a glass of water, hug, and toys or even to put off lights. Motherhood is also a time to be up at 5 in the morning with no exceptions of weekends. It is not remembering what it feels like to get undisturbed night’s sleep. Motherhood is always being mildly sick, but never having the time to wallow in the misery. It is letting your child hug you and fall asleep beside you each night, in spite of badly in need of uninterrupted sleep. Motherhood is falling head over heels for those hugs and kisses.

Motherhood is being an expert in multi-tasking and mastering the skill of handling many responsibilities at the same time. It is being the first teacher of your child. Motherhood is teaching the kids to walk, talk and eventually run. It is being a positive role model and consistent cheerleader. It is also being a friend, guardian and a protector - but mostly a parachute when your child comes crashing down.



Motherhood is a quality to have the courage to be mean and teach your kids the hard lessons. It is having the toughness to handle the hurt that you feel deep inside if you want to cry, but don’t because you need to stand firm with the resolve. Motherhood is being afraid of being weighed down by the million expectations that tug down your neck - but still walking with your head held up high. It is being strong for them when you are already feeling weak. It is also smiling when you want to cry and crying when you want to smile with the pride. Motherhood is a whirlpool of emotions.

Motherhood is constantly being worked up, but still having the patience to deal with it for your child. It is understanding that going out is not as easy as putting on clothes, stepping out of the house and locking the doors behind. Motherhood is planning everything beforehand, but even then expecting the unexpected.  

Motherhood is feeling incredibly lonely every morning while your partner is leaving to work and you are in sweatpants, worrying about your child’s food, sleep and poop. It is feeling down while nursing the baby behind the closed doors and skipping lunches with friends. Motherhood is also being dominated by the feeling of “it-is-all-worth-it”.

Above all, motherhood is appreciating the soul which gave birth to you i.e. your mother. It is to know what exactly your mother was trying to do for you and doing the same for your child - feeling honoured to be just like your mother! 

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