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Over the past few years, corporate organizations have started to allow their employees to work from the comfort of their homes. With the advancements in the field of the internet and communication, work from home has become a favoured trend among the youngsters. All the budding startups are ditching the formal office hours and are adopting the easy way to get the work done. But as it is with everything, work from home too has a few pros and cons. We will be listing them down so that you can make a decision wisely about your preferred workspace.


1. You get proper rest:

Without the restriction of getting up at a specified hour and rushing to the office, you are at the liberty of choosing your own routine. This enables you to get proper and complete rest that is required by our body, and so, when you finally sit down to work, you are refreshed and energetic and your concentration is better, which then helps in improving the quality of your work.

2. You are the master:

When you choose to work from home, there are no office debates to care about. You do the work in the manner which you think is the best. There are no wars between the extroverts and introverts. Everything is entirely your domain and you do the work in whatever environment you like – be it the silence of your solitude, or in a coffee shop, or with the playing of rock music on TV.

3. You can be with your family:

Work from home is a family-friendly approach. Without any doubt, it allows you to be closer to your family and spend a lot of more time with them as compared to an office job. Even the companies are becoming more flexible to incorporate the needs of the families of their employees. Work from home is a great relief for new parents, especially the mothers, who are in dire need of rest and care for themselves as well as for the baby.


1. No proper routine:

Human beings are a creature of habit, and that is how they get things done. But, if there is no routine set for them to get up and get ready for work, the tiny habits that helped to achieve this are derailed. We tend to stay in bed and keep procrastinating until it becomes absolutely necessary. We need a steady balance between routine patterns and freedom that we are offered.

2. Distractions all the time:

Home can be a really distractive place. You realize this when you are working on some important job assignment and are being constantly distracted by your roommates, spouse, pets, kids, phone, etc. No matter what kind of sanctuary you create for your home office, there are always going to be some distractions when you are not surrounded by the three walls of your cubicle.

3. It can get lonely:

Working alone all day at home can get really lonely sometimes. No matter how much you enjoy the comforts of your home, at a certain moment, you crave for a professional company and miss the social life that the office provides. Man is a social animal and the freedom to work by yourself comes at the price of giving up the necessary human contact.

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