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What It Is Like Being A Stay-At-Home Mom

The first steps, the first laughter, the first word, and all the firsts of the baby are the moment of celebration to parents. If you have got chance to witness and cherish each one of these firsts, you are a stay-at-home mom. Along with the happiness of being a spectator, the position “stay-at-home mom” comes with everlasting works and superabundant responsibilities which you can never deny. You are your baby’s cook, his maid, his teacher, his friend, his companion, his playmate, his protector, his saviour, his dictionary, his comedian, his personal entertainer and his mom. Being a stay-at-home mom is not as easy as it appears to be. And Here are a few things which you could connect with if you are a Stay-at-home mom.

1.It is challenging and isolating:

Being a Stay-at-home mom could be isolating and lonely. No, that doesn’t mean physically. Though your child never leaves you alone, no matter if it is for having your food or to your bathroom visit, you would still feel lonely sometimes. You would definitely feel like taking a break from your responsibilities and meet people from the adult world.

2.No “me” time:

All the stay-at-home moms might have heard at least once in their lifetime, “How lucky you are to stay at home and spend all the time with your baby!” Yes, you do enjoy staying with your baby and his million-dollar smile can make you forget all the burden. But no, your life doesn’t revolve only around this. You need some “me” time too, either to go for a walk or practice your hobby or attend a guitar class or just relax on the couch. If you are a stay-at-home mom, you struggle and fight to get this share of your life.

3.You will be taken for granted:

Cooking breakfast, washing dishes, cleaning the mess created by your baby, changing the diaper, doing laundry, feeding your baby, cleaning the house, there is an infinite list of tasks if you are a stay-at-home mom. And guess what? It is most likely that you feel thankless and you are taken for granted. No one says a word of praise for all the work you have done (of course, other than your mom who knows exactly how it feels to work so much and still be unappreciated). But maybe after a year or two, when your child randomly explains to you how much he loves you for all that you have done for him, you would feel it is all worth it.

4.A little regret:

If you are a career-oriented woman or the one who was financially independent before having the baby, you do regret leaving your job. You feel you are not contributing to the society in the way you feel is adequate. You miss those words of praise and emails of appreciation for your work and accomplishments. You miss those paychecks and promotions.

5.Your kids are your boss:

Your little munchkins are your bosses who run your day and time in most the debilitating way. Sometimes they are the mean bastards too. When they are exhausted or unhappy or simply need a nap, they shout, cry and have meltdowns in the most embarrassing way in the very uncommon place where a lot of audiences can watch and bask in.

6.Dependency is inevitable:

Either you decide to become stay-at-home by your choice or by situations’ choice, it creates lots of dependencies financially. Asking money from your partner could be a pride-swallowing, hand-wringing experience. If you haven’t discussed with your partner about how you much money you will need for household and personal expenses and how to access the money, it could be stressful. 

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