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What is The Difference Between Red and White Stretch Marks?

The human skin is one of the biggest body part known to man. It is neatly spread across our entire body. The skin is an important layer of our body system as it helps us in sensing objects through touch. It is a tough layer of tissues which protects the inner internal organs from being exposed. This layer is very thick by nature and it has a 3 layer system and every layer has a unique functionality.

The innermost layer is called as the subcutaneous layer, the middle layer is dermis and the skin that we can touch on the outermost layer is called as the epidermis. These connecting tissues contain an important protein called Elastin which gives elasticity to the skin. It regulates the elasticity of skin through times of sudden weight gain or weight loss and other times when the skin stretches or shrinks.

During pregnancy, the skin stretches rapidly due to a sudden spurt of weight gain. It causes the middle layer to get ruptured and torn. It leads the dermis to show the blood vessels present underneath. These stretch marks are visible on the breasts, back, thighs, arms and the bum.

What is the difference between red and white stretch marks?
Red Stretch Marks

When our skin with its fine elasticity stretches beyond its capacity, the tissues lying underneath tend to break. Due to this, a large network of blood vessels becomes visible to the naked eye which results in making the affected region appear reddish purple.

Natural Remedies:

-Vitamin C: It helps in building collagen, which is a type of vitamin C found in green leafy veggies, berries and fruits.

-Vitamin E: The antioxidants present in this helps in quick recovery of stretch marks by neutralizing toxins present in the body.

-Cocoa Butter: It is an edible fatty extract obtained from the cocoa plant. Its moisturising quality is known to heal skin problems.

White Stretch Marks:

They are like thunderbolts on your body which occur naturally. They arise when the constricted blood vessels reveal the fat tissue underneath. The reason why these thunderbolts appear silver in colour is due to the colour of the fat tissue underneath the blood vessels. Since they’re the older stretch marks, they need an in-depth treatment to heal.

Although there are few medical treatments like non-ablative laser, pulsed dye laser treatment or surgical abdominoplasty to reduce these marks, most experts say that there’s no way guaranteed way to eliminate the white stretch marks. So what if you can’t eliminate them completely, you can always lighten them up a little!

Lightening Tips:

-You should keep your body hydrated enough so that your body is able to produce enough elastin.

-Maintain a healthy diet routine so that you can avoid sudden weight fluctuations. 

-You can also apply oils such as coconut oil and vitamin E oil. It will help in reducing the itchiness and dryness. It will also help in lightening them up. 

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