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What Is Safe While Breastfeeding: Myths Busted!

Everyone from your mother to your neighbor will have some wisdom to share when it comes to breastfeeding. But beware; you need not believe everything that they tell you, especially if the piece of information has no logical backing. Some myths are so common among mothers that new mothers fall prey to these traps and start believing in them. 

If you want to confirm a particular fact, however, just give your doctor a call. To help you sort through some of these myths, have a look at some the most prevalent ones:

1. You may not produce enough milk

Not necessarily. Many times, people attribute milk production to factors like size of breasts, the overall health of the mother, etc. the tissues of the breasts that are required to nurse and feed a baby, grow in size during pregnancy, regardless of other factors. Functional tissue has milk ducts located in them. More often than not, mothers report producing more milk than usually what their baby requires.

2. You won’t be able to breastfeed post any breast surgery

This is not true. After any breast surgery, the mother’s body readjusts and tries to get back in its original form. There might be a few difficulties that the mother could encounter, in which case formula could be given to your little one. But nine out of ten times, it is perfectly normal and possible to breastfeed, post breast surgery.

3. Breastfeeding hurts

The fear induced about breastfeeding is so much so that mothers are afraid of it, even before actually experiencing it. It may be possible that you cringe in pain at times, but that is because your baby is not able to latch on correctly to your nipple and is thus having difficulty in drawing out milk. It is very common to have tender breasts in the first few weeks post delivery. As time passes, you adjust to the process quite easily.

4. Mothers should not breastfeed in case of infections

This may sound like one of the more sane reasons, but it is not. Infections mostly occur in case of a blocked duct in the breast, and what better way to clear a blocked duct than to feed your baby? You have your answer. If the mother has some other kind of infection, she may consult the doctor to seek advice, but most doctors will give you a green signal for breastfeeding.

5. The Breast and Bottle confusion

Some people may tell you not to feed your baby from a bottle because he or she may then not accept breastfeeding. Some people are even of the opinion that the amount of milk a mother produces, depends on the amount of milk that she is able to pump. Both these things, however, are wrong. Babies are often comfortable to switch between the breast and the bottle but pumps are not as efficient as the baby’s sucking action while breastfeeding.


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