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What Is A Rainbow Baby? Here’s Everything You Should Know About Them

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Holding your little one for the first time is a truly joyous experience, and as a mother, you’ll love them unconditionally.

A question some women often ask is about the experience of having a baby after experiencing a miscarriage or stillbirth, because it is a truly emotional experience that can be terrifying and overwhelming.

Rainbow Babies

It is hard to imagine or describe the sadness that a miscarriage brings. Following a miscarriage or loss, having another baby can be a mixed experience - along with the immense joy of having a little one, you also miss the little one you lost.

This is what a rainbow baby is all about. A rainbow baby is a baby born soon after the miscarriage or stillbirth of a previous baby. The use of the word ‘rainbow’ is used to say that it is the beauty and happiness that follows a sad experience, the way that a rainbow follows a storm.

The reason a rainbow baby is so special, is because of the variety of emotional responses you have on knowing that you’re going to have a baby again. Many moms report feeling sad about the previous baby that was lost, or confused and afraid that they might suffer a miscarriage yet again. Yet others fear that they will be too happy about this baby’s arrival, and may not be able to grieve properly, and this can bring about feelings of guilt.

Handling A Rainbow Pregnancy

A rainbow pregnancy, the one that occurs soon after a miscarriage, can be one which is quite overwhelming.

Women go through different emotions, from guilt about choosing to have another baby, to fear that this pregnancy may also end similarly. These emotions are normal considering the grief you have experienced.

However, it is important to talk to your doctor, partner or friend about these feelings, so that they can guide you through your journey.

You may worry that you are ‘forgetting’ the baby you lost, but the truth is, you’ll always love him or her. Don’t let anyone convince you that you’re ‘moving on’ with your next pregnancy. A mom is always a mom.

Your fear of another miscarriage can overwhelm you, and you may worry that you’re always making mistakes. Talk to your doctor about all your pregnancy questions and health care queries. Make sure you let them know of your fears so they can support you through this.

Welcoming A Rainbow Baby

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As a mother, you’ll always love all your babies equally, so don’t worry about the day that your rainbow baby is born. In your heart, you’ll not love them any less.

Emotionally, to prepare yourself for parenting soon after experiencing loss, take your loved ones' support and help as and when you need it. Ask your spouse or your doctor to help you through the transition from grief to recovery and parenting. Keep your family and friends close for support.

- You might also feel overly protective of your little one, and that’s normal. Try to ease some of your fear by speaking to a professional for help and advise. It will make you more confident, and you might be able to cope with the emotions better.

- Although it is not easy parenting a rainbow baby, remember to let them know that you love them nonetheless. Children can sense their parents’ emotional state, so try to find your balance with your baby and your partner. Work together.

You are not alone. There are people who love you and your baby, and they will always try to help you. Remember to ask for help and appreciate their support. In the end, your love for your baby will win the battle!

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