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What If Babies Could Text From The Womb?

When we mommies are pregnant, all we long for is that one final day when our babies will be out in the world. Until then, all we can do is eat healthily, sleep well and dream about what our babies would look like and act like. Will the baby grow up to become the next Olympics champion? Or perhaps Mr India or Miss India? Maybe the baby will grow up to be just like mommy and daddy or maybe not. Whatever path our babies are going to take, we just can’t wait to meet our little ones and get to know them.

Oh, but before all of that happens, we need to make sure our babies are comfortably settled in the womb. How is it there anyway? Does the baby find mommy’s voice too loud? Perhaps she burped too loud that one time. Or two or ten times. :P 

If only our babies could actually text us from the womb and let us know how they really feel… Well, here’s a compilation of texts that could have been sent from actual fetuses - read on for some giggles!!

1. Bladder problem

This baby doesn’t seem to have enough room for him/herself.

2. Smelly problem

Looks like mommy ate too much garlic. :/

3. Picky Eater

We finally understood the reason behind morning sickness - there is a picky eater in the making!

4. Need space

Ever wondered why you keep going to the washroom?

5. Sneaky baby

No! No, thank you. Baby, no! :'(

6. Moving baby

Your baby is going to kick, turn and move around till they find a sweet spot.

7. Cravings

Yes, this is why you get up in the middle of the night to eat pizza! It's not your fault! 

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