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What Hurts More- Pushing Or Contraction?

Remember how you scream in pain after stubbing your little toe on the table’s edge? That probably hurts enough to leave you teary-eyed and abusing that little corner. If that little stub can knock the living daylights out of you, what about childbirth then?

Childbirth is a pain that is one of a kind and it is experienced only by one-third of the population. Some women have reported that contraction hurt more than pushing while some said that the final push almost made them pass out due to the excruciating pain. Most of us have had one question running through our mind- which one of them is more painful: Pushing or Contractions.

One explanation says that contractions can be more painful as they last for hours together. This is because your entire body below the ribs is constantly working on bringing that little one into the world through your vaginal cavity. It takes really long for your body to prepare for birth as the contractions keep coming and hitting your body like a wave of pain. Pushing on the other hand, takes a lot less time than that and hence you don’t find it so painful.

It is quite difficult to conclude that only contractions are painful as it is subjective to experience and body’s functioning. Some women have said that the pain is similar to their menstrual cramps. It initially starts off as a heavy menstrual cramp but with time, it is known to get worse.

If you think you’re experiencing a major contraction, try to change your position as it might give you a relief as it could be just another Braxton Hicks (false contractions). You can consider this false contraction as a way to prep your body for the final showdown.

Childbirth is very painful and women need to be warned about the effects and after effects of the vaginal birth delivery method. Studies and research too have claimed that childbirth is rated 10 on the pain scale. One needs to be physically and mentally prepared to undergo this process.

Thank God for the technological and intellectual advancements, we have culminated numerous ways to welcome your bundle of joy into the world. With proper knowledge of childbirth, hypnosis, pain management, and breathing exercises childbirth has become slightly less painful as compared. Afterall, you’re giving birth to an entirely new human being, the method of delivery is completely up to the mother.

If you’re opting for a cesarean delivery, you’ll be given an epidural which is given at the spine or an anesthesia (which will make you unconscious). An epidural is known to decrease the mother’s blood pressure leading to slowing the baby’s heart rate. Anyhow, it all depends on the mother’s health and the amount of dosage given which is monitored by a doctor.

Now comes the final battle when all you have got to do is PUSH! It is a relieving phase as most of the pain is already over. Few more powerful pushes and you’ll get to see that bundle of joy you’ve been waiting for.

As the mother is pushing, the baby moves closer towards the birth canal. During this movement, the baby pushes on the nerves and you might have an orgasm as the feeling is quite satisfactory.

Final Word:

The nature of pain is very subjective and the endurance to bear it all differs from woman to woman. In most cases, contractions are more painful than pushing the baby out. Anyhow, it could always change! 

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