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What Happens To Your Baby When You Eat Spicy Food During Pregnancy?

The only one thing you can do guilt-free while you’re pregnant is hog on food! There is not a single mom-to-be who has not experienced sudden hunger pangs and food cravings! There are some insanely delicious smells and the thought of tangy and sour flavours can make any mom-to-be go nuts for food!

Well, nobody can stop a hungry pregnant woman for eating whatever she wants to. Blame those pregnancy hormones for all that madness and craving for food while munching on your favourite snacks. Most of your food cravings will revolve around sweet, sour, salty, bitter and tangy food and the funny part is that you might want to consume all of these flavours together at once.

Many pregnant women have cravings for spicy and strong tasting food items. Studies have supported this behaviour of pregnant women stating that it is a common behaviour and it is the body’s way of replenishing what’s deficient.

Many orthodox beliefs conclude that consuming spicy food during pregnancy lead to complications like preterm birth and early labour. However, there’s no such evidence to prove the validity of this belief. In fact, research says that- the more variety of food and flavours you consume during pregnancy, the better it will be for the baby in the growing stages of life. It helps in broadening the child’s perspective of eating a variety of food as they grow up.

So, does eating spicy food REALLY affect your baby in the womb? Read on to find more insight on this.

What do the experts have to say on this?

Many experts say that eating spicy food doesn’t really affect your baby so much. This is because only a few small particles of what you eat go into the amniotic fluid. If you’re consuming food which is rich in carbs that can shoot up your sugar levels, leading your baby to kick actively in your womb. Otherwise, the regular kicks can upon eating anything (including spicy food) are normal.

Moreover, many pregnant women in other countries consume a lot of spicy food and still give birth to babies as healthy as babies everywhere else.

But, excess of anything is bad for health and pregnant women need to be careful about their habits and food they consume. Although it doesn’t pose a direct threat to your baby but your body can undergo several changes if you eat a lot of spicy food.

How does spicy food affect a pregnant women’s health?

It has a moderate effect on the health of a pregnant woman. The following effects are observed:

1.Increase in the morning sickness

During pregnancy, your body becomes very sensitive to smells especially if they’re strong. Therefore, it is better to avoid including spices in your diet.

2.Triggers GERD

Eating spicy food can’t result in Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, but if you’ve been suffering from that, it might aggravate the symptoms.

Final word- It is okay to consume spicy food in moderate quantities to balance your cravings and hunger pangs. If you’re craving for something super spicy, test it out by taking a small quantity of spice and seeing if your body can handle that level of spice. But consult your doctor before you make the decision! They will be able to help you and guide you further. 

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