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What Happens In The Final Month Of Your Pregnancy

When you are in the last month of pregnancy (or the second last month), you are going to start experiencing a lot of new changes. This is especially so if this is your first pregnancy. For the second pregnancy, these symptoms would come much later. It would start in the last week of your pregnancy or in the last few hours rather than the last month of your pregnancy.

So if you are in your last month of your pregnancy, here are a few things you can expect:

1. Stretch marks

stretch marks

You will find that you are getting stretch marks all over your torso. This is because your skin is getting stretched out as your baby drops down, in preparation for birth. Keeping your skin well moisturised will ensure that your skin doesn’t get too itchy (which often happens when the skin gets stretched) and it will also minimise the appearance of the marks.

2. Abdominal and lower back pains

labour pain

When you are in those final weeks, you may experience some abdominal pains. This is partly due to the contractions that you are having. It could also be due to your baby now being stronger than before. Their kicks and movements will be a lot stronger now but less frequent since there isn’t a lot of room for them to move.

3. Get a waterproof mattress

mattress protector

Chances are you will break your water while you are asleep. Getting the amniotic fluid out of the mattress will be a pain. So take the time to prepare a makeshift waterproof mattress. This would involve putting a plastic, waterproof sheet over your regular mattress and then spreading an old bed sheet over this. This way, you don’t have to splurge on an actual waterproof mattress and you won’t spoil your existing mattress either.

4. Braxton Hicks

braxton hicks

False contractions are both a boon and a bane. They cause unnecessary pain to your body but at the same time, they also prepare you for the actual birth. Remember to practice all your breathing exercises to help deal with those false contractions.

5. Vivid dreams


With those raging pregnancy hormones, you may experience some crazy dreams. This may also be a result of being too tired. They most probably won’t make any sense. Don’t stress over them too much. Just talk about the dream to someone and laugh it off.

6. Lack of bladder control


Once your baby drops down in the womb, your uterus would be placing a lot more pressure on your bladder. Hence, you will feel the need to urinate more frequently now than ever before. This doesn’t mean you should stop drinking water - your body and your little one still need the hydration.

7. Leaky breasts

pregnancy final month

Don’t worry - this is a good sign. This means you body is already preparing to provide your baby with the nourishment they need. As your due date approaches, you may find that you are producing excess breast milk. If you are producing a lot of colostrum at that point, express it and store it for your baby.

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