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What Happens If You Eat As Much Chocolate As Your Child Does

Chocolate milk, Hot chocolate, Chocolate mousse, Chocolate pudding, chocolate brownies, chocolate chip cookies, Chocolate cakes, all-in-all chocolate - Who doesn’t like it? The semi-sweet cocoa delight is a way to the heart and the most craved treat. So, how much chocolate is good for health? And what happens if it crosses the limit? Here is everything you need to know.

Chocolate - What Is It?

Chocolate is mainly made of cocoa butter and cocoa solids in varying proportions. Baking chocolate also called bitter chocolate, is made of cocoa butter and butter solids and without any added sugars. Sweet chocolates are made of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, vegetable oils and sugars. Milk chocolates are same as sweet chocolates with milk powder or condensed milk added to it. White chocolates contain cocoa butter, sugar and milk. It doesn’t contain cocoa solids.

How Much Chocolate Can A Child Eat?

Kids are the biggest fans of chocolates. No matter how hard you try to supervise your child’s chocolate intake, you can’t deter your kids from gobbling up their beloved chocolates. Either their uncles and aunties or the friendly neighbours keep bombarding them with the chocolates or maybe you could offer them chocos or chocolate flavoured health drinks without the knowledge of how much amount of chocolate they might consume along with that or your kids might grab a piece or a few pieces of chocolate cakes or chocolate burfis or a few scoops of chocolate ice creams at their friend’s birthday party - Your strict “No-Candy” rule could be as useless as tits on boar. Your kids somehow end up eating more chocolates than you would like them to. Sad but true!

Recent studies have shown that if chocolates are consumed in limits, 6.7 gm precisely, could have greater health benefits and consuming anything beyond that could lead to vanishing most of the health benefits. And with the kids who could fall head over the heels for chocolates, it is not a real possibility to have chocolates within limits. Although the kids are capable of combating a few of the side effects of excessive chocolate consumption because of their hyperactive lifestyle, it is still not advised to keep filling their tummy with chocolates all the time. So, what happens if adults give in to their love for chocolates and eat as many chocolates as children do?

What happens if an adult eats as much chocolate as a child does?

Weight Gain:

Along with other junkies, chocolate is also a culprit of the weight gain. It is high in calories and excessive intake of it could lead to weight gain. Although the kids can burn it off rapidly because of their activity levels, adults keep depositing it in their system which could lead to weight gain or overweight. It could be a cause of many of the health issues such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes. However, everything in limits is good and so is the chocolate consumption. By eating chocolate in a limit, you could control your weight and also satisfy your chocolate craving.

Sugar Complications:

sugars are present in higher amounts in the chocolate to compensate the bitter taste of chocolate. But the higher amount of sugar could lead to various health complications. Higher amounts of sugar in diet could cause dental problems like gum diseases and cavities and increased risk of diabetes.

Gastrointestinal Discomfort:

The caffeine in the chocolate is a bowel stimulant. It could worsen the symptoms of bowel diseases. It could also cause heartburn, acid reflux or inflammation of existing stomach ulcer. Although chocolates taste good, it could bring regrets once it hits the stomach if you have peptic ulcer disease or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

High Potassium:

2 oz of a chocolate piece could contain more than 200 mg of potassium. It wouldn’t be a problem for an otherwise healthy individual but if you have an adrenal disease or a kidney disease where you need to keep an eye on your potassium intake, chocolate is not the treat for you. It could elevate the mineral in the blood and increase the health risks.

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