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What Happens After C-section Delivery?

C section delivery

There are a number of myths buzzing around about C section delivery and every other day you come across something new about mother care after cesarean delivery. We understand that you must be really anxious about the do’s and don’ts of post C section recovery and the best solution for you is to relax for now.

C section delivery is not a serious illness for which you need to worry about. The cesarean operation is just a clinical procedure that takes some time for recovery, and it’s completely normal. Every surgical procedure requires some time to heal and you must remain calm until then. In order to deliver the right information to you about post C section recovery, we have compiled this blog. Without any delay, let’s move forward with the details that we have gathered.

Table Of Contents:

‣ 13 Precautions To Take After C Section Delivery

‣ Side Effects Of C Section Delivery

‣ Myths About Cesarean Delivery That You Must Not Believe

13 Precautions To Take After C Section Delivery

C section delivery


‣ Avoid Food Which Creates Flatula: The first thing that you must consider is exploring the foods to avoid after C section delivery. Make sure you avoid the foods that produce flatulence post C section recovery. Gas in your gut is harmful during the initial days after cesarean delivery because your organs are reorganized after delivery of the baby by an operation.

‣ Add More Fibre To Diet: Also, while making the list of foods to avoid after C section delivery, you must include the ones which cause constipation. It is quite obvious that constipation strains your abdominal parts, and that is the last thing you want to do after cesarean delivery. So, always check your diet after C section delivery. Consume more fibres, proteins, and virgin oils which will ultimately improve your digestive system.

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‣ Protection From Nasal/Throat Infections: Keep yourself safe from any kind of infection or disease which might cause sneezing, coughing, allergy, or cold. Also, avoid food items such as curd, citrus fruits, cucumber, and other similar edibles which might lead to coughing and sneezing. Your immunity is already compromised after C section delivery and you need to take care of that.

‣ Control Laughter: Since delivery of the baby by operation includes extra care, you must not laugh to that extent which causes exaggerated movement of your lower abdominal part. Post C section recovery requires an equal amount of rest as well as consciousness about diet.

‣ Avoid Scratching And Touching The Area: Your area of surgery after cesarean delivery is really sensitive. It might pain, and sometimes itch too, because of stitches, but you must not touch the area frequently. Mother care after cesarean delivery requires a regular visit to the gynaecologist and proper dressing of the incision area.

‣ Don’t Start Household Chores: We understand that you are worried about your household, but we suggest you to not stress over it and start working immediately cesarean delivery. Your body requires proper rest during post C section recovery, and doing household chores is definitely not a good idea.

‣ Don’t Take Staircases: Apart from avoiding household chores, you must also keep yourself from climbing stairs more frequently, especially during initial days after C section delivery. It pressurizes the stitch in cesarean section and not recommended at least two weeks post cesarean delivery.

C section delivery


‣ Take Painkillers, In Limit: Many women believe that mother care after cesarean delivery demands prohibition of painkillers. We would like to pop your bubble and tell you the truth here! You don’t have to bear the bittersweet pain post C section recovery and you are very much allowed to consume painkillers. Make sure you don’t make it a habit consuming allopathic medicines every now and then.

‣ Incision Care: Do not allow the surgical area to get wet in the shower or any other means. The skin is very sensitive, and as it gets exfoliated, your stitches might loosen a bit causing pain and other complications. Take good care of this and it will help you recover fast from cesarean delivery.

‣ Say No To Heavy Lifting: Do not go for heavy lifting, as it will directly produce cramps in your abdominal area, especially uterus. And you don’t have to give any extra task to your uterus while it is already recovering from a C section operation. Even lifting the baby on your own is not advisable during the first week of recovery.

‣ Start Exercise Only After Consultation: Bed rest is a part of post C section recovery, and after three weeks you are likely to develop tummy fat. Mother care after cesarean delivery involves certain exercise to keep the body active, but we would suggest you get a proper suggestion from your doctor. Get yourself checked and your wound examined properly before adopting any exercise that has abdominal movement.

‣ Take Care Of Body Movement: Watching your body movement after the cesarean operation is a must. Whenever you lie down or sit down, make sure there is a negligible jerk on your body. Keep a number of pillows around and relieve your body slowly on the surface. A little ignorance can bring in a lot of problems, if not taken care of properly.

‣ No Sexual Intercourse: Last but not the least, one must avoid sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks. We have been emphasizing on preventing jerks, heavy body motion, and exertion since the beginning of this list. Sexual intercourse is one such activity which can increase the complication and pose hindrance in post C section recovery process.

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Side Effects Of C Section Delivery

C section delivery


Just like any other clinical procedure, the cesarean operation also imposes certain side effects that you must be aware of. Given below are the side effects that you might have after delivering a baby by the cesarean operation.

‣ You might feel constant pain in the area where the incision has taken place and it might itch a lot in the initial days when stitches are slowly drying up.

‣ There might be clot formation in the area and you must be very careful about it.

‣ You will feel numbness in that area and it is not a problem. Women feel numb for years because that’s what happens after a big scar. You just have to take good care of the scar and make sure it heals properly.

‣ During cesarean operation, women are given anaesthesia which might have long-term effects. It affects the spine and pelvis region and after the age of 35 years, you might develop back pain without even having any joint problem. 

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Myths About Cesarean Delivery That You Must Not Believe

C section delivery


There are innumerable myths about C section recovery and it will invite a lot of emotional stress. Here are some of the major myths that you must not believe at any cost. Have a look and keep them in mind!

‣ First and foremost, is the stereotype that cesarean operation is not an appropriate way to give birth to a child. You are not any less of a mother if your child is born this way. It is absolutely common process these days and you must stop feeling that way about it.

‣ Mother care after cesarean delivery might be a month or two long process. People will come up with several stories and how it led to complications in the future, but you must not let it take a toll on your emotions. Try not to overthink about it and feel depressed about the same.

‣ People say that babies born through normal delivery are luckier or healthier. Does that actually make any sense to you? There are lakhs of examples of babies taking birth under various complications and they are healthy just like any other kids.

Thus, in the light of all the aforesaid facts, we would like to conclude that C section delivery is not something to worry about. You must be a little careful during post C section recovery process and watch your diet after cesarean delivery. A little care and a little knowledge about the intricate secrets of cesarean delivery will make it absolutely easy for you to handle it in a hassle-free manner.

We would request all the mothers recovering from cesarean delivery to share their tips and experience with other readers and help them know the truth about it. Also, remember that every individual is different and they might have different after-effects or symptoms. Do not keep any preconceived thoughts about cesarean section. Stay healthy and be careful!

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