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What Foods Can Help Increase Your Child's Height

All the mommies and daddies out there, for sure, would like to see their kid taller and stronger. In today’s world, most of the kids are of average or above average height. But is it something to be concerned about if they are not shorter than their peers? Absolutely not! Here is what you need to offer your child to help him/her grow taller. We bring 11 super-foods that are top-runners to increase heights for kids. Include those in your diet and sit back and watch your child grow taller. 


Milk is a wonder-food for your child. It is filled with the goodness of proteins, calcium and vitamin A. The calcium in the milk helps in the development and strengthening the bones while the proteins stimulate cell growth in the children. This together promotes the height.


An egg is a trusted and healthy companion for your child in the journey of increasing the height. The white albumin in the egg has vitamin B2 or riboflavin. Those play important role in your child’s overall growth. So, make sure your child eats an egg every day, either in the form of a yummy omelette or a boiled egg.

Fresh fruits:

Fresh and nutritious fruits are rich in fibre, potassium and vitamins. It helps in healthy growth of your child along with making them strong and building their immunity. It also increases your child’s appetite thereby increasing his food intake. Some of the fruits that need to be included in your child’s diet are mango, watermelon, oranges and apricots.

Whole grains: 

Whole grains are rich in vitamin B, iron, magnesium, selenium. And it also contains required calories for your child. You child absolutely needs this to boost his height and muscle growth. So, provide the whole grain to your child in whichever way possible - rice, popcorn, whole-grain pasta, multi-grain bread, atta, cereals.


Chicken is one of the super-rich proteinaceous food in the list of animal-based food sources. It helps in the development of the muscles and tissues. This directly affects the height of your child. Offer chicken to your child in the form of delicious foods and make it a delicious way to increase your child’s height.


Fish contributes to the brain development and also boosts your child’s height. If you and your family are the fans of this sea-food, there is nothing like that! It is rich in vitamin D and proteins. And the best kinds of fish that help in increasing your child’s health are salmon and tuna.


Plant proteins are a great way to increase the muscle mass and reduce fat simultaneously and it could be one of the healthiest food anyone could have. In the growing years of your child, consuming oats regularly could be an excellent way to grow up tall, stay strong and fit.


Spinach is a leafy-vegetable which could make your child grow taller and stronger. It provides the required iron and calcium to your body and helps you in growing tall and healthy.


Mushroom is known for their yummy taste and their ability to offer good health. It is soft and exotic in taste and also rich in calcium. It supports the growth, development and strengthening the bones of your child and helps in boosting your child’s height.


Vitamin A helps in the synthesis of proteins in the body and plays a major role in height growth. Carrot is rich in such vitamin. Carrots could be included in your diet in various forms such as in salads, juices, side-dishes or even better eat in raw form. Also, once in a while you could offer a treat of carrot halwa to your child.


Dairy products such are a rich source of vitamin D and calcium. Yoghurt is one of such dairy products. It is essential to your child’s growth, in terms of height. If your kid is not a fan of plain yoghurt, make it flavourful by adding fruit flavour or make it a dessert by adding fruit pieces in it.

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