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What Do Your Feet Say About Your Personality?

There’s a lot of science and research that goes behind understanding human beings - The way we’re built, the way we think, the way we react to certain situations and so on. Astrology has played a major part in understanding our traits by studying the presence of the planets and their influence on us. Some genuinely believe this and some consider it to be fake; No matter which category you fall into, you have to admit that it’s quite fun to read about yourself and discover what category you fit into.  

In the same way, read on to know what the shape of your foot will tell about your personality.

Biggest to the smallest (Egyptian)

Most people have this type of feet where the big toe is the biggest toe and then the rest 4 fingers gradually decrease in size. They are also called as Egyptian feet. Such people are curious to find out secrets and solve mysterious cases. They prefer to maintain an aura of mystery around them where others have to struggle to find out about what they are thinking. You’ll have to earn their trust for them to trust you back.

The first three toes are same sized (Roman)

If the first three toes of your feet are of the same size and the last two are small then you are a roman descendant. You are attractive, funny and a trustworthy person. You would go to any lengths to protect close and dear ones. Family, friendship, and love are always on the top of your list. 

Same sized (Persian)

It’s very rare that you find people with all toes aligning to a straight line. If you are one of them, congratulations, you are a very practical and a happy person. You’re someone who doesn’t poke their nose everywhere and you mostly keep to yourself. Only in situations where there might be conflict, you tend to speak up and take a stand. When you have to make a decision, you tend to take advise from all your loved ones but eventually, you do what your heart tells you to.

The second is the longest (Greek)

Most creative geniuses have their second toe longer than the big toe. These people are natural born leaders and do well in front of the herd rather than being in it. They are very interested in films, drama, dance, and anything that has a little bit of flair to it.

Firm toes

Generally, when we walk, our toes tend to move but for some people, the last two toes are firm and immobile. People like this are known to give a lot of importance to work and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Anything else that won’t bring them a step closer to their dreams is unimportant.

Separate pinky

Is your pinky toe (the smallest and the last one) at a distance from other toes? This means that you are probably a very active person and will never say ‘No’ to learning new things. You will do well in research related fields because you have all the qualities of learning, experimenting, and risk-taking that it requires.

Bent down pinky

Do you feel like your little toe is bent down forwards a little more than the other toes? People having this sort of feet don’t like to follow in other people’s footsteps (Metaphorically of course) and prefer to create a path of their own. This way of thinking might get them in trouble but will be fruitful eventually.

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