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What Dads Wish They Knew About Pregnancy

Today, men are expected to be prepared for everything. There is no prior training about what they ought to do when their wife is pregnant. Also, it is common for women to get emotional while pregnant but when men get emotional it is simply not acceptable. With all this pressure, it is a wonder that men still manage to hold it together and be such awesome dads.

Here are a couple of things men wish they knew about pregnancy:

Don’t stop the romance

The first few weeks or months after your wedding was truly romantic and blissful. There were frequent romantic outings, trying out new recipes, and of course, the heart-to-heart talks. After your wife gets pregnant, it is not uncommon for the marriage to become less romantic. There are so many excuses for this - “too tired”, “not in the mood”, etc. What you may not know is that pregnancy is a time when you should really spend plenty of time together as a couple. You won’t get this alone time once the baby is around and you won’t have as much time either. Yes, your wife may have limitations on what she can and cannot eat but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out from time to time. Go to restaurants that serve healthy food and simply enjoy your time together. 

Your wife is anxious too!

Fathers-to-be often become get anxious while their wives are pregnant. They don’t know what to expect and whether they will be able to be the kind of fathers they want to be. They feel like their wife has already got it all figured out and thus they feel the pressure of being prepared. What they don’t realise is that their wife is just as worried as they are, if not more. So, the best way to deal with this anxiety is together, as a couple.

You will be replaced by cushions

Don’t expect your wife to cuddle up to you at night. She is going to make a fort of pillows and cushions around her when she goes to bed, leaving no space for you on the bed. So you may want to invest in a more comfortable sofa to sleep on or perhaps a sleeping bag.

Read your wife’s signs

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that pregnant women are going to be emotionally and physically strained. But there is one thing that most men don’t know or realise - the moms-to-be are not great with expressing when they need help with something. If she seems upset but can’t seem to say why then you could help by gently massaging her forehead or her back - this will help her relax. You should set your phone aside while you do this and give her your full attention. She might try and communicate better when she knows you are listening and when you show that you care, even if it’s just with a small gesture such as a massage.

Be vocal about your feelings

Whenever you feel upset, scared or anxious, talk to your partner about it. You can ask her to be vocal about she feels too. If at times, you feel like you don’t want to tell your wife, tell someone whom you are close to. For example, if you just feel scared that you won’t know what to do if your baby falls sick, you could talk to your mother about it if you are more comfortable with that. Your wife should be your go-to person when you need to talk about these things, but if you feel like you need advice, it may feel better to ask someone with experience.

You are more than ready to be a dad

Despite what you may think, you are definitely ready to be a dad. You just may not know it yet or accept it yet. But you are definitely ready. You will definitely doubt yourself, panic a couple of times but in the end, it will all be alright. If someday they build a time machine, your future self will come back just to reassure you that you are doing just fine.

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