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What Cleaners Are Safe To Use Around A Baby?

As you welcome a baby in your house there's multiple things you need to start considering from keeping your household clean to deciding what products you want to include in the cleansing process .

So before you start making your move in cleaning everything in your sight , Its important to know  the overview about the cleansing products .Household cleaners with harsh ingredients don't only kill germs and get out tough stains. They can affect your baby's health in a number of ways.

We don't really know to what extent they  might be affecting our kids.To be cautious, many parents try to reduce their use of household cleaners that contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals can cause a lot of  problems to the babies such as allergies, skin irritation, eye irritation and unknown problems to an extent of poisoning.

The only option to secure the babies from these problems is choosing the  range of organic products. Natural cleaners such as baking soda, citrus, apple cider vinegar and multiple organic things will be a preference for all the parents .

Baking Soda: 

It is an extremely versatile household good. In addition to cooking, it can be used in numerous ways to clean and deodorize your house and even yourself! Whether you use it on its own or in conjunction with other cleaning products, baking soda is an excellent, cheaper alternative that can help to reduce costs.

Cleaning with apple cider vinegar is safe:

It effectively removes dirt, mineral deposits and bacteria from surfaces.Though not as effective as chlorine bleach, the mild acidic properties of apple cider vinegar works to kill bacteria on a cellular level. 


Lemons  are great for cleaning, especially when combined with basic household products like vinegar and baking soda. Citrus contains d-limonene, a natural solvent that cuts through grease and dirt, and will leave your house smelling fresher than ever.

To overcome the hassle of preparing these products, we at Tinystep have come up with an  organic floor cleaner which consists of all the ingredients mentioned in the discussion. There have been very positive responses from over 94% of the users and is a better and healthier alternative to the other floor cleaners in the market.There are new revelations being made every day about these chemically involved products. Which is why it is high time for you to change this trend and go organic.

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