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What Babies Hate When They Are In The Womb

When people think of pregnancy, they normally associate it with a mom, a dad and a tiny human growing inside the mom’s belly. Moms are more concerned about what to eat, what not to eat. Dads are concerned about what to do and what not to do. They go for routine check-ups and write down a list of baby names that they love. What nobody talks about is how the babies feel in the womb. 

One can never know what it really is like in the womb because nobody can recall it and thus there is no evidence of pain as such. But this doesn’t stop a mother from wondering how their baby must be feeling. Do babies actually like it in there? Or do they completely hate it? What do they like and what do they hate? There is no way to predict precisely whether your baby is going to like you eating that coconut cookie or not. The only way to know how your baby is doing is by taking a look at their ultrasound scans.

In an ultrasound scan, it is possible to make out if your baby is happy or sad at the moment by simply looking at their faces. They will not shed tears (they can’t until at least a month after they are born) but they would scrunch up their face when they are upset. Here are few of the things that most babies don’t appreciate when they are in the womb. 

1. When mom laughs

During a study involving pregnant women and ultrasound scanning machines, they observed the fetus’ reaction to the mother’s laughter. The mothers would be made to laugh and then they would record the baby’s reactions. Since the mother’s giggles would cause the stomach to move up and down, it caused the baby to bounce around as well. For about half of the babies, they actually started smiling in the womb as their mother giggled. The other half, however, was not pleased. They seemed to be sad and even cried as they bounced around in mommy’s womb.

2. Startling the baby

Babies get startled when they hear loud noises or when their mom suddenly decides to jump or change positions. Just the way most of us don’t like being startled against our will, babies don’t like it either. They have no connection with the outside world except through you and they only start seeing when they are about 28 weeks old in the womb.

3. When mom rolls around in bed

This is almost the same as with the case of laughing except here, it is basically about shifting and relocating the baby’s house whenever mom decides to turn around. In some sleeping positions, the baby may not even have enough room to move which is around the time mom would feel a lot of kicks and movement as the baby finds a comfy spot to sleep in.

4. Noisy Environment

Nobody likes a noisy environment. When the surroundings are noisy, it will only trouble and even startle your baby. This can even happen when you play your favourite TV show at a high volume or turn the radio up too loud.

5. Poking the belly

It is quite common for moms to touch their bellies to try and get a reaction from their babies. This is a great way to bond provided your baby is in the mood to be played with. When your baby kicks, you can gently poke them to see how they react. If they start kicking and moving around more, they want to play with you. If they move away from your pokes, it means they want to be left alone.

6. When mom is stressed out

A baby can feel it when the mom is stressed. The body produces a hormone cortisol which makes the body drowsy and weak. The same can even happen when the mom is sad. The baby’s mood is affected by the mother’s mood. So, stay happy and your baby will be happy.

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