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What Are The Ways To Stop Breastfeeding?

Are you breastfeeding your baby for more than six months? Wondering when to stop breastfeeding your baby? Well, we are there to your rescue.

As we all know, mother's milk is the only source of nutrition for the newborn babies, for a period of six months. You can gradually start introducing solid / semi-solid foods (which should be mashed well) after six months while continuing to breastfeed. Women may want to stop breastfeeding due to pain and discomfort, work pressure, baby not getting adequate nutrition, etc. Here are few ways that will make the process of stopping breastfeeding easier. 

1) Reduce breastfeeding:

Slowly reduce the breastfeeding sessions for your baby. To put in simpler terms, reduce the frequency of breastfeeding. Don't try to quit in a single go. As much as it may sound tempting, your baby might not get enough nutrition. You can cut the session where the baby will consume less amount of milk.

2) Introduce other foods :

As mentioned above, when you start to cut down the breastfeeding sessions, make sure that the baby gets enough nutrition. Start introducing semi-solid foods like mashed rice and dhal, vegetable purees, etc. At the same time, continue the breastfeeding until the baby gets accustomed to the solid foods.

3) Sleep separate:

This will definitely be hard for the mothers. But in order to stop the breastfeeding, you must take up this tedious task. When you sleep with the baby, it will tend to search for milk. So, for a few days, sleep separate i.e. sleep in a separate bed which is close to the baby.

4) Get the help of your family:

If you are a working mother or getting ready to resume to work, you will have to eventually reduce the breastfeeding sessions. In such cases, get the help of your family members. You can request them to take care of your baby for some time. This will refrain the baby's instinct to breastfeed.

5) Baby-led weaning:

Weaning is the process where the baby stops breastfeeding and gets the necessary nutrients from other sources. In the case of baby-led weaning, the baby will stop looking for breast milk, once they start getting their nutrition from the other foods. In such cases, your work will be very easy. But remember, not all children are the same. Some may easily opt for other food sources, whereas some may not. Be patient and give the baby some time to adjust to the new environment.

6) Have patience:

To quit breastfeeding is not an easier job for you as well as your baby. Never quit all of a sudden. Try to quit gradually. Have patience and comfort your baby until they get accustomed to the new lifestyle. You can comfort your baby by holding them close to you, playing with them and singing songs. Try to distract them and never let go of your patience. 

Breastfeeding sure creates a beautiful bond between you and your baby. As said earlier, it's the only source of nutrition for the first few months for the baby. But as time passes, these nutrients will not be adequate for the baby. It is the time, where you stop breastfeeding and start introducing other foods for the baby. Try the above things and be patient with your little one, until they get comfortable with the other foods.

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